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The easiest corn canned recipe! How to make canned boiled corn at home?

There is no one who does not like boiled corn. How would you like to save the corn, which is consumed by everyone from 7 to 70, for the winter? The canned corn method, which is quite easy and practical, is by filling the boiled corn into the can. So how to make canned boiled corn at home?

Produced from sweet corn, all grown in Turkey, canned corn is among the foods everyone loves with its taste. You can easily prepare boiled corn, which goes well with salads and salty recipes, at home instead of buying it from outside. You can make a delicious canned corn if you choose a medium yellow corn, one of which is easily crushed when you take it between your two fingers and produces light milk. We share with you a special recipe for those who want to make canned corn, which should be consumed in a very short time after opening, otherwise it spoils immediately, under healthy conditions.



fresh corn
Boiling water


Boil the whole corn in salted water.

When it comes to a temperature that will not burn your hand, push the fork forward from the bottom part of the corn with the fork shown in the picture and lift the fork slightly up and separate the corn from the cob.

Rinse with warm water and drain thoroughly.

Fill the washed corn into jars, put 2 teaspoons of granulated sugar and 1 teaspoon of salt, fill it with boiling water and close the lid of the jar tightly with the new lid.

Put water in a pot and boil it, put corn cans in boiling water, boil for 20 minutes, take it off the stove, turn it upside down, if there is a water leak from the lid of the jar, the can of corn may be spoiled, so be sure to use a solid lid.

Enjoy your meal…

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