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The healthiest fish cooking methods…

With the arrival of the fish season, the question of which is the healthiest fish cooking method aroused curiosity. The right cooking method is also of great importance in order to benefit from the benefits of fish. So, is it better to fry or bake when cooking fish? What’s the difference between steaming and grilling? How to cook fish in the healthiest way? Here are the healthiest ways to cook fish:

There are many ways to cook fish, which is the favorite food of the autumn and winter seasons. Consuming fish regularly can reduce the risk of depression, heart and stroke. That’s why experts generally recommend consuming fish at least once a week. However, the way you cook fish can change the nutritional value you get. We have searched for the healthiest cooking method for you to consume easily and quickly cooked fish with vitamins.


The most common method of cooking fish is frying it with cornmeal. However, when the fish is cooked with this method, carbohydrates and sugars are exposed to high amounts of heat and release carcinogenic substances.

Experts recommend that the most ideal cooking method of fish is steamed in the oven. All the vitamins and minerals of the fish cooked in the form of steaming remain in it. Thus, when consumed, it has many benefits for the human body.

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