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The ideal cold soup of summer! How to make cold cucumber soup? Cucumber Soup Recipe

How about making a delicious cold soup with two main ingredients that Turkish cuisine is loved and consumed with? You will not be able to get enough of the cold cucumber soup, which is very practical and a savior. Let’s take a look at the cold cucumber soup recipe that makes the most ideal cold soup list of the summer. So how to make cold cucumber soup?

The cold cucumber soup, the recipe of which we will give, will be an indispensable taste of summer days. Cold cucumber soup, which becomes thick with the combination of all the ingredients; It will be a cool, refreshing and nourishing start. You won’t even need to turn on your oven or stove for a cold cucumber soup that is extremely relaxing and does not tire your stomach in summer. You will prepare all the ingredients with the help of a mixer. And while the refrigerator is all the necessary ingredients for cooling, take a look at the recipe for cold cucumber soup and how it’s made! Let’s see how to make cold cucumber soup.

cold soup recipe in summer



3-4 cucumbers
Strained Yogurt
extra virgin olive oil
Fresh herbs (mint, dill)
1 teaspoon of honey
Salt and pepper

Cucumber soup


First, add the cucumbers, herbs, yogurt, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, honey, salt and pepper to a large blender and blend until smooth.

cold cucumber soup

Then put this mixture in the refrigerator and let it cool for at least 4 hours.

Take the soup that has cooled in the refrigerator into bowls and garnish it with finely chopped cucumbers or fresh herbs.

cold cucumber soup recipe

Don’t forget to pour a lot of olive oil on it!

Enjoy your meal…

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