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The latest version of Damla Ersubaşı, who lost 41 kilos, was an event on social media!

Damla Ersubaşı, who is remembered with the character of Tuğçe in the TV series “Sihirli Anne”, which marked a period, lost 41 kilos in 6.5 months in 2018, thanks to stomach reduction surgery. The latest version of Ersubaşı, who often shares on social media, surprised everyone.

Damla Ersubaşı, who is remembered for the character Tuğçe portrayed in the TV series Sihirli Mom, had lost 41 kilos. Young actress Damla Ersubaşı, who lost 41 kilos in 6.5 months, talked about the weight loss process and the problems she experienced.

drop ersubaşı

“I tried diet, I tried sports but I couldn’t lose weight in any way, my body wasn’t burning fat. I was 90 kilograms 45% “My last resort was to have surgery. Being overweight was affecting my movements, making my life more difficult. I went to the doctor, did a diet, did sports, but I couldn’t lose weight. I decided to have surgery as a last resort. I lost 41 kilos in 6.5 months after the surgery.”

“I received psychological support before and after this process. It is very important to prepare yourself during this process, I also had a hard time after the surgery for a year and two years … After the operation, I was very happy. Now I am at the weight I want and at the weight I should be. There is no such thing as “I lost the weight, I can eat what I want. Otherwise I will go back to the beginning, I watch what I eat. I have to maintain my weight. I have taken bread out of my life, more protein.” I eat mostly. I don’t prefer pastry or pasta anymore. Of course, there are times when I feel like it, but I still pay attention.”

Damla Ersubaşı, who has attracted attention with her aesthetics lately, “I feel better. I had small touches done. Besides, everyone gets it done, it’s a very normal thing” said.

the final version of drip ersubaşı

Damla, said, “I had fillings done on my cheek, lip, chin and nose. I also have Botox” .

drop ersubaşı

Here is the latest version of Ersubaşı who shook social media…

my magic mother tuğçe

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