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The most beneficial form of chocolate is ‘Bitter’

When we look at the history of chocolate, which we all love and adore from seven to seventy, it is thought that the first people to grow the cocoa plant in South America started with the Mayas. Chocolate for yeast is a beverage prepared with hot water and flavored with pepper and cinnamon. It is also called the ‘God Meal’. Christopher Columbus was the first European to encounter cocoa in 1502. Cocoa is considered to be mysterious-looking almonds.

Benefits of Dark Chocolate

  • It increases perception by facilitating blood pumping to the brain. It facilitates learning by activating brain functions.

  • When consumed with yogurt or coffee before sports exercises, it gives energy and makes your exercise more efficient.
  • Thanks to the fibers it contains, it gives a feeling of satiety and curbs the desire to eat. Thus, it contributes to weight loss.
  • By consuming some dark chocolate, it activates your hormones of happiness and improves your morale.

  • It balances blood pressure and helps lower bad cholesterol. Thus, it provides protection against diseases and is heart-friendly.

  • As a result of researches, as a result of the dark chocolate consumption of pregnant mothers, stress rates decreased significantly.
  • Controlled consumption of dark chocolate by people at risk of diabetes helps regulate blood sugar.

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