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The most common symptoms of lymphedema

Medicana Çamlıca Hospital Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist, who gave information about lymphedema. Sevil Karagül, “In addition to the veins that pump the dirty blood to the heart, we have a separate lymphatic circulation system that transmits the fluid formed in the connective tissue through the veins. Due to the deterioration of this lymphatic circulation sometimes congenitally and sometimes after infection or surgery, protein-rich fluid is we can define its accumulation in the subcutaneous connective tissue as lymphedema” .

Beware if shoes and jewelry are tight

Congenital Lymphedema is known as elephantiasis.Lymphedema may occur after breast surgery, abdominal and pelvic organ surgeries, joint prosthesis, radiotherapy and infections.The more lymph nodes removed after the operation, the larger the area of ​​radiotherapy applied, the higher the risk of developing lymphedema

Not squeezing or leaving marks on clothes, removing accessories such as bracelets and rings Side symptoms such as swelling and squeezing can also be seen. The swelling increases over time and may not be noticed unless measurement is made in the early stages. In the future, due to the increase in swelling, the integrity of the skin is disrupted and the accumulated fluid leaks out and these areas become open to infection.

Diagnosis of lymphedema

The limb with swelling should be compared with the other and its measurements should be made in terms of diameter difference. Rarely, lymphedema may develop in both limbs. Doppler usg, lymph scintigraphy or MRI are the main tests used in the diagnosis.

There are some conditions to be considered after lymphedema occurs. Soaps with a pH of 7 should be preferred for cleaning purposes. Blood should not be drawn from the arm of the side with lymphedema, and blood pressure should not be measured. It should be protected from insect bites. It should be protected from the sun with sunscreen creams with a factor of at least 25. Do not step on the ground with bare feet, shoes should be worn. Tight clothes should not be preferred, jewelry should not be worn on the area with lymphedema. In order to prevent the formation of fungus after the bath, between the toes should be dried. After the bath, moisturizing should be provided with moisturizers that do not contain products such as perfume, alcohol, lanolin. Avoid very hot environments such as saunas, spas or going out in extreme heat in summer. Try to stay away from any kind of heat. Repetitive movements such as rubbing, pulling, pushing with the risky arm should be avoided. In terms of infection, one should be alert to symptoms such as redness, swelling, temperature increase, sensitivity and fever. Carrying bags and files with a risky arm should be avoided.

First of all, the staging of the disease is done. The use of treatment options such as pressure garments, lymphedema banding, pneumatic compression, as well as instrumental and manual drainage, alone or together, are determined according to the stage of the disease. Care should be taken against infection and clot formation. Determining special care and exercise programs reduces these risks.

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