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The most popular jam variety in Turkey has been revealed!

According to the jam research conducted by Areda Survey with 1,100 people, 89 percent of the Turkish people make their own jam and 68.7 percent consume it mostly in winter.

Today, almost every fruit and even vegetable jam is made. Fig, peach, quince, cherry, strawberry, orange, walnut and even hot pepper jam add color and flavor to our breakfasts every season. So, when do we consume jam the most and which jam do we like the most?

According to the jam research of Areda Survey, 68.7 percent of Turkish people consume jam in winter and 27.7 percent like sour cherry jam.

Another highlight is that 89 percent of Turkish people prefer to make jam, which is the favorite food source of the winter months, instead of buying it at home.

Jams that radiate happiness with their flavor and colors are consumed at breakfast with a rate of 95.7 percent, according to the research. It is used in dessert and cake productions with 4.3 percent.

On the other hand, those who accompany the jams, the colorful star of breakfasts, replace butter on bread with 75.4 percent. Cheese on bread accompanies jams with 24.6 percent.

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