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The perfect duo: Heart health and physical activity

To reduce the risk of heart disease, adults need at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity per week. A minimum of two strength training sessions per week is recommended.

Get active

Not only does 30 minutes of moderate physical activity most days of the week not only reduce your risk of heart disease, but also reduce your risk of heart disease. It also reduces high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, colon cancer and other medical problems.

During moderate physical activity, you should be able to talk to someone and be only slightly out of breath, not completely out of breath. You should notice that your heart rate is also slightly elevated.

Start a walking program

Walking is a great way to meet physical activity needs. Some suggestions for walking:

– Take a walk instead of watching TV

– Walk at noon

– Take a walk 109×10907 after dinner )

– Walk while taking your children to or from school

– Walk instead of using escalators in shopping malls

– Walk around the market before you start shopping

Other ideas for physical activity

Get a bike or walking band

– Take the stairs instead of the elevator

– Park your car further away and walk the extra distance (mtagx1 090708)

– Engage in your children’s activities instead of resting for a long time

– Carry a shopping cart instead of using a shopping cart

– Dance with

– Walk to a colleague’s desk instead of calling or emailing

– Take the long way to the cafeteria or meeting

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More tips to keep you moving

– Keep a pair of walking shoes in your car so you’re ready for a walk when your mood gets high ( 0) ) – Choose a friend to do these activities

– Various physics to avoid boredom do physical activities

– Do sit-ups or push-ups during TV commercials

– Schedule your physical activity on a calendar so you don’t want to skip it

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