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The unnoticed enemy of teeth: acid erosion

The acids in acidic and cold drinks, which we cannot give up even though we know their harm, pave the way for bigger problems in teeth than we think. Because when acidic and cold drinks come into contact with the teeth, they cause the tooth enamel to be eroded over time. Dentist Aylin Hoşzeban Erdur talks about dental erosion.

Tooth enamel cannot resist acid

Acid erosion, which is defined as the abrasions seen in the hard tissues of the tooth in medical language, is the result of acidic foods and beverages. It is one of the leading dental diseases caused by it. Acid erosion, which can develop as a result of stomach diseases such as reflux, can also be seen in cases such as intensive use of effervescent drugs or vitamins. In fact, tooth enamel, which is the most durable substance in the body, can weaken after intense contact of acidic foods and drinks with the teeth. The softening caused by the acid on the teeth can cause erosion of the tooth enamel, lightening of the tooth color and change in its appearance and texture.

Pay attention to the transparency of the teeth

The acid erosion problem occurs on the teeth exposed to intense acid, that is, transparency, yellowing of the tooth color, occurs on the tooth surface. It can be diagnosed by the formation of cavities and pits that can come through. If acid erosion is not treated on time, the wear on the tooth surface can increase over time, causing cracks in the teeth. Sensitization is seen in the worn teeth, and there may be problems in consuming cold, hot, food and beverages.

Stay away from acidic drinks

It is quite difficult to choose between drinks with many different options. While carbonated drinks are in the first place in the order of preference, fruit juices with additives and sugar are also in the second place. But the acid can be found not only in carbonated drinks and fruit juices, but also in teas. It is very important for health to stay away from these drinks, which can cause the erosion of tooth enamel.

Brush your teeth with the right methods

Foods consumed in the rush of daily life can cause acid erosion in the teeth. Brushing teeth with a small amount of toothpaste applied to the toothbrush immediately after eating contributes to maintaining dental health. At the same time, it is necessary to brush the teeth with slow and soft movements. Brushing from the gingiva to the tooth surface also allows you to take precautions against dental diseases. But whitening teeth and using the wrong toothpaste can damage tooth enamel. Hard and fast brushing of the teeth causes erosion of the tooth layers and can also prepare the ground for acid erosion.

Prevention methods from acid erosion

In addition to brushing teeth after consuming acidic beverages and foods, eating yogurt or drinking milk is also a source of acid consumption. It can reduce acid erosion by providing equalization. Reducing fast-eating meals during the day is also among the methods of protecting tooth enamel. Consumption of all acidic beverages, ready-made fruit juices, grapefruit, and strawberries can also cause tooth erosion. For this reason, it is very important to pay attention to eating habits, to have regular dental check-ups and to use suitable cleaning products for teeth.

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