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Things to consider for summer pregnant women

Motherhood is one of the most special and exciting periods in women’s lives.

As in all seasons, there are points to be considered during pregnancy in the summer season.

Hot weather, sunlight and different activities may require some special precautions during pregnancy.

Factors such as sun protection, fluid intake, nutrition and clothing selection become important for women who are pregnant during the summer season.

We have compiled the items that should be considered in order to spend the pregnancy process in a healthy and enjoyable way during the summer months.

Let’s take a look at these important points together so that you can be safe and happy on your pregnancy journey.

1. Increase fluid intake: Your body needs more water in hot weather. During pregnancy, this need increases even more. Drinking plenty of water will help balance your fluid intake.

2. Do not stay in wet swimsuits for a long time: While enjoying the sea or the pool, you should avoid staying in wet swimsuits or bikinis for a long time. Wet clothes can cause infections and discomfort. If possible, you should change your clothes immediately and wear clean and dry clothes.

3. Eat vegetables and fruits: Summer is a season when various vegetables and fruits are in season. Consuming plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables enriches your diet and helps you get the vitamins and minerals you need.

4. Use sunscreen: It is important to use sunscreen to protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Skin can be more sensitive during pregnancy, so it’s healthy to protect yourself with sunscreen during peak hours and limit sun exposure.

5. Pay attention to your choice of clothing: During the summer months, sweating may increase due to pregnancy hormones and increased body temperature. It is important to choose comfortable and breathable clothes. Choosing clothes made of light and cooling fabrics will increase your comfort.

6. Do not stay in front of the air conditioner for a long time: Air conditioning can cause skin dryness, throat irritation and chills. You should avoid being exposed to long-term and direct air conditioning current, and take care to maintain the humidity balance of the environment.

7. Pay attention to exercise: Exercising regularly during pregnancy will increase your overall health and energy level. However, when exercising in the summer, you should be mindful of the risk of overheating and prefer to exercise in a cool environment or in the morning/evening hours.

It is important to pay attention to these points in order to spend your pregnancy process in a pleasant and healthy way during the summer months. Listen to yourself, feed your body well, and do not neglect to rest when necessary. As in every season, continue your journey by embracing every moment of motherhood with love.

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