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Think twice before throwing away garlic peels!

Garlic is one of the indispensable flavors of Turkish cuisine, and usually only garlic cloves are consumed while their peels are thrown away.

But recent research shows that garlic peels also carry important health benefits.

After learning these benefits of garlic peels, you will think twice about throwing them away.

Here are the benefits and uses of garlic peels…

Benefits of Garlic Peel

Garlic peels have antioxidant properties as valuable as garlic itself.

These peels contain at least 6 different antioxidants, especially “anti-inflammatory phenylpropanoid antioxidants” that protect the heart and help fight the aging process.

Here are some benefits of garlic peels:

  1. Delays Aging:Quercetin, found abundantly in garlic peels, contributes to reducing signs of aging and improving skin texture.
  2. Anti-inflammatory Effect:Garlic peels protect the body by fighting inflammation and free radicals.
  3. Strengthens the Immune System:Garlic peels support the immune system and increase body resistance.
  4. Fighting Cancer:Garlic peels fight cancer cells and can prevent the spread of cancer.
  5. Supports Hair Health:Garlic peels strengthen the hair structure and increase hair health.
  6. Improves Digestion:Garlic peels can help the digestive system function better.

Ways to Use Garlic PeelsThere are different ways to use garlic peels:

  1. Tea or Juice: You can prepare tea or water from garlic peels. You can benefit from its benefits by drinking this tea or consuming its water.
  2. Adding to Herbal Teas:By adding garlic peels to herbal teas, you can increase their flavor and benefit from their health benefits.
  3. Using in Soup:You can boil garlic peels and use the juice in your soups.
  4. Turning into Powder:You can use dried garlic peels as a spice in various dishes by turning them into powder.

How to Prepare Garlic Peel Tea?

  1. Peel the garlic and wash the remaining skins thoroughly.
  2. Put the garlic peels in a clean teapot and add 2 glasses of boiling water.
  3. Close the lid of the teapot and cover it with a cloth. Let it brew like this for about 1 hour.
  4. You can consume garlic peel water, one tea glass a day, for 3-4 days.

Note:If you have any health problems, avoid adding any new food or supplement without consulting a healthcare professional.

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