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This disease is 9 times more common in women.

Stating that Sjögren’s syndrome is a chronic autoimmune (immune) disease in which the glands are usually involved, Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Aysun Özbek said that it is more common in women, especially in the tear and salivary glands. Apart from this, he warned that it can also affect the skin, lungs, stomach and intestinal system, central and central nervous system, musculoskeletal system and kidneys.

May become chronic over time

Ozbek, repeating that Primary Sjögren’s Syndrome is a common disease caused by the immune system, ” The pathogenesis in primary SS is similar to the models of any disease-causing microorganism in other autoimmune diseases.In genetically susceptible individuals, when infections, especially viral infections are encountered, the disease is mostly seen in the glands and less in the non-secretory organs/systems.This condition becomes chronic over time and becomes chronic. The most common clinical findings of Sjogren’s Syndrome are related to the gland. Musculoskeletal system findings occur at a rate of 54-84 percent” (98). 00708) .

Beware of lung involvement

Özbek, who stated that it is mostly in the form of musculoskeletal involvement or joint pain, ” Radiological destructive changes are not seen, but it may lead to narrowing of the joint space. Patients with Sjögren’s Syndrome may also have lung involvement. Dry cough can be seen in 40-50 percent of cases. The cough is mostly caused by the non-functioning of the secretory glands in the trachea. Less often small airway disease with lung involvement “

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