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Thumb protrusion treatment made easy

Health Center Founder, Foot and Ankle Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Selim Muğrabi talked about Hallux Valgus, thumb protrusion, and new developments.

Orthopedic Surgeon Muğrabi, “Significant changes have occurred in the surgical treatment of Hallux Valgus in recent years. Technological changes and changes in the surgical technique have played an important role in increasing the postoperative comfort of the patients” and gives information that is very closely related to the patients:

– Previously, problems such as post-operative plaster cast, the need for a very long rest, and intense post-operative pain have been eliminated for today.

– Patients can step on the ground immediately after surgery with their shoes and return to work after about three weeks. With the ankle block application applied in surgeries, it eliminates post-operative pain.

– Patients are not immobilized after surgery. The patient takes action the day after the surgery.

– Operations are performed with small openings, not large as before, and can also be called closed surgeries. The main purpose is both to create smaller scars on the patient and to provide quicker healing, and to improve the appearance from a cosmetic point of view.

– After these operations, a second operation may be needed for the removal of the screw. We now use a screw system called a magnesium screw, it is fused inside the bone so there is no need to remove the screws. Thus, the patient is saved from a second operation.

Treatment of foot problems with stem cells

Orthopedic surgeon who lists the treatment methods of thumb protrusion, Op. Dr. Muğrabi gave information about the stem cell method:

– Stem cell therapy is widely used in cartilage problems other than feet. Its main use in foot surgery is common in Achilles tendon problems and in the treatment of heel pain.

– The logic of the stem cell is to accelerate the healing when you give the cell to the problematic area. The platelet-rich substance called PRP actually settled in Achilles tendon treatment.

– For stem cell treatment, the person’s own blood is taken and injected into the problematic area of ​​the person.

– After its application in foot surgery, the area needs to be kept under control. There are special shoes used after PRP applications, and the patient is taken to rest by using them. After two applications, Achilles tendon problems regress very quickly.

– Stem cell is a new method used in heel pain. In studies conducted for six to 12 months, 70 percent success was achieved in heel pain. No side effects and no complications.

– Treatments with stem cells obtained from fat cells are stem cell treatments used in the treatment of ankle problems.

Causes toe protrusion

Unsuitable, especially narrow, pointed-toed shoes that squeeze the big toe in an unnatural position The danger of thumb protrusion awaits women who wear it for a long time. Thumb protrusion invites knee and waist problems. Swelling around the thumb due to Hallux Valgus deformity causes this discomfort. The fat pad, which is responsible for protecting the joint around the thumb joint, becomes the area under pressure in the shoe as a result of deformity, and accordingly, a reactionary growth occurs. As the tissue grows, shoe pressure increases and swelling and redness become permanent.

Thumb protrusion is nine times more common in women than in men. Cosmetic correction should not be made in Hallux Valgus (thumb protrusion). Surgery is a procedure that should only be done on sore thumbs. They often become painful if left untreated. But not all are progressive. Many thumb protrusions can be treated without surgery… Generally, painless thumb protrusions do not require surgical correction… In the vast majority of cases, pain associated with the thumb protrusion can be relieved by wearing appropriate shoes.

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