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Top 10 suggestions for menstrual pain nightmare

The painful menstrual days that women experience every month, some last for a short time, while others last for a long time. During this time, there are many methods to prevent menstrual cramps that reduce the quality of life.

Here are the things that are good for menstrual pain…

Hot Water Bag: This method, which is frequently used in pain that starts with menstrual cramps and due to cold, can give better results than the strongest pain reliever thanks to the compresses made.

Ginger Tea: Herbal teas help us in every aspect of our lives. In the menstrual period, it is the biggest assistant of those who need the scientific method. It is a proven fact that ginger is good for hormones that cause menstrual pain. You will say goodbye to pain by consuming 1-2 glasses regularly during the day.

Lavender Tea: The pain experienced also has a feature such as disrupting sleep patterns. Disrupted sleep patterns can make you more grumpy and unhappy. While resting and having a good sleep are very important in this process, if you think that it is not easy to sleep with pain, placing lavender in your room can solve this problem. On the other hand, drinking lavender tea will greatly relax your body.

Nutrition: Being a little careful about nutrition can help you pass this period with minimal pain. You can add oily seeds such as meat, fish, dark green leafy vegetables, unground grains, nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds to your meals.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is a type of vitamin that has positive benefits to the body during the menstrual period. Since the level of magnesium in the body also decreases during this period, medications containing magnesium can be your best friend in fighting to reduce pain.



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