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Vitamin D levels drop in winter

Nutrition and Diet Specialist Zülal Yalçın, who pointed out that vitamin D values ​​decrease especially in winter, said that deficiency can cause many problems, from weight problems to psychological reasons, and gave information about a diet rich in vitamin D.

It brings many diseases

Nutrition and Diet Specialist Zülal Yalçın, who said that vitamin D deficiency can cause physical and psychological problems, He gave information about vitamin D-rich foods. Rugged; “Recent studies have shown that insulin resistance, diabetes, fatty liver, obesity, cancer, and vitamin D deficiency are associated with vitamin D deficiency. It is more common in workers and overweight people.Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency can occur in the form of depression, bone pain, frequent colds and fatigue.We can eliminate vitamin D deficiency first, by taking advantage of daylight, and by eating rich in nutrients. Especially the sun itself is less common. cheese, egg yolk, fatty fish such as salmon, animal fats, milk, ayran, kefir, yogurt, butter, tuna, mackerel, oysters, liver, sweet potatoes, fish oil, mushrooms, parsley, alfalfa, nettle , oats should be consumed. It should be noted that the ca is low. You should have your vitamin D values ​​checked if they are at normal levels. When your dietitian helps you identify and complete your nutritional deficiencies, you can be more energetic and happier in your work and private life” .

Sunscreens prevent absorption

Vitamin D can be naturally absorbed from the arms, face and legs in the appropriate months (May and November) Zülal Yalçın said that it should be taken by sunbathing for at least 15-30 minutes every day, recommending sunbathing between 7.00-11.30 in the morning and after 15.30 in the afternoon, adding that bare skin should see the sun directly.

The benefits of vitamin D

– Vitamin D is a very important vitamin in growth and development, especially in children, by providing the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

– Vitamin D is even more effective than calcium for maintaining and building bones.

– Vitamin D stimulates insulin synthesis from insulin-producing cells in the pancreas, so it helps in the prevention and treatment of diabetes.

– It is known that there is a positive relationship between the degree of sun exposure and serotonin levels.

– Inhibits the growth and proliferation of cancer cells.

– Low vitamin D level in individuals causes obesity.

– Vitamin D prevents high blood pressure (hypertension), protects against kidney diseases, prevents cardiovascular diseases (coronary artery diseases).

– Vitamin D has a very important role on the immune system.

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