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Watch out for food poisoning, the nightmare of summer months!

Heat causes food to spoil

During the summer, picnic is among the must-haves, while the exposure of foods to high temperatures causes them to deteriorate. Bacterial growth of foods, especially packaged foods, is accelerated at high temperatures. This leads to food poisoning. Among the foods that turn into a breeding ground for microbes and bacteria at high temperatures; milk, raw eggs and meat.

Beware of grocery shopping

From the market; When buying meat, milk, fish, egg-like foods, be sure to take them last. These nutrients, which need a cold environment, begin to deteriorate when exposed to a hot area.

Make sure they stay cool

Car trunks heat up faster in summer, so take care to keep the products you buy cold and put them in the shade.

Take a small amount

Perishable foods should not be taken in large quantities in summer. Buy only the amount of food you need. You should pay special attention to mushrooms in plastic containers. The mushrooms under the plastic wrap sweat profusely and sometimes rot imperceptibly. There is a risk of food poisoning if eaten.

Avoid foods containing raw eggs

You need to be careful with mayonnaise foods such as egg salad and pasta salad, which we often encounter at picnics. Because these foods contain great danger against heat.

Beware of barbecues

One of the activities where food poisoning is most common is barbecue. If the meat waiting on the side during the barbecue is exposed to sunlight, the formation of toxins and microorganisms begins. For this reason, you should definitely keep the meat you keep waiting during the barbecue in a shade and cold environment.

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