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We are one of the fastest aging countries in the world.

Expressing that Turkey is getting older and a ‘gray tsunami’ (rapid aging) is expected with the increasing number of elderly people, Public Health Specialist Dr. Nurten Elkin said that with the foresight of this important change, they organized the 1st International Istanbul Gerontology Workshop.

Pointing out that many important scientists will attend the workshop to be held at Istanbul Gelişim University on November 5, Elkin said, “The biopsychosocial risks of old age and aging make these phenomena a public health issue at the same time. Taking all kinds of preventive measures that will ensure the physical, psychological and social well-being of the elderly will ensure that our elderly people live healthy. Aging is not a disease, but a physiological and social condition. service models are gaining importance as quickly as demographic change” he said

What should be done for healthy aging

Saying that old age and aging are not just a period of losses, Dr. Nurten Elkin, “Old age is a chance and a privilege. Being one of the individuals who have the chance to step into the old age depends on gaining a biopsychosocially protective and healthy lifestyle and a positive perspective earlier in life. Gerontology, on the other hand, adopts an approach that tries to ensure healthy and active aging, rather than being a branch of science that only meets the management of risks and care needs in old age” .

Elkin continued his speech as follows:

“In this respect, doing sports, healthy eating, regular sleep, harmful It is essential for a healthy and long life to avoid habits, to follow periodic health checks, to comply with treatment at a high level in the management of non-communicable diseases, to ensure socialization and to lead a productive life, to be open to innovations, not to avoid taking risks, to learn and develop throughout life.

“Don’t be afraid of genetics”

Studies on identical twins show that aging processes are more important than genetics. Stating that it is related to environmental factors and individual behaviors, Elkin said, “In this respect, we should manage the process with the right choices and behaviors rather than being afraid due to our genetic structure or relying on the high number of long-lived individuals in our family” said.

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