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What are the benefits of honeysuckle flower? How to use honeysuckle flower?

There are about 100 varieties of honeysuckle flower, which attracts attention with its pleasant smell and appearance. Did you know that honeysuckle, which calms down with its smell while passing through the streets, has incredible benefits for human health? We have searched for those who are curious about honeysuckle, which is a strong diuretic and cough suppressant. What are the benefits of honeysuckle flower? How to use honeysuckle flower?

The honeysuckle flower that adorns the streets is in the group of ivy. There are about 180 species in nature. Of these 180, 100 are only found in China. The most well-known species is the lonicera. Some of the bell-shaped flowers also produce fruit. However, honeysuckle is consumed as tea in Far Eastern countries. Tea, which is a common consumption network, is used in alternative medicine as a sleep regulator and cough suppressant. Since the age removed from its leaves is very low, it is not widely used. One drop of oil is powerful enough to renew the skin. Its seeds are used in alternative medicine to prepare creams. Honeysuckle flower, which grows easily in a temperate climate, has a serious place in the cosmetic industry. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Studies have shown that the fruit can be consumed.

what are the benefits of honeysuckle flower


  • Honeysuckle flower, used in traditional Chinese medicine, strengthens the immune system and increases resistance to diseases. In the researches, it was revealed that when the fruits are dried and consumed as tea, it increases the activity rate of the cells in the immune system and destroys the bad cells that may occur.
  • Squeeze the honeysuckle flower, mix the oil in it with coconut oil and orange flower and leave it in the refrigerator for a day. You can put this mixture in a spray can and use it as a body lotion. In addition, when you put some in the water that you clean the house, your house will smell good for days. It prevents the increase of insects and spiders.
  • Dental health is a problem that almost everyone complains about but neglects. Bleeding, especially when brushing teeth, dries up where it occurs and causes infection. This causes severe bad breath and toothache. This health problem can be eliminated naturally at home. Throw honeysuckle flower in two glasses of boiling water. After waiting for a while, strain and gargle. It is recommended to do it daily.
  • It has been observed that honeysuckle flower reduces glucose level and increases insulin resistance. In this way, it is seen as a hope for diabetes patients. Although the research has not been completed yet, scientists emphasize that honeysuckle flower can end diabetes.
  • Rheumatic diseases make the body useless. In particular, the inflammation produced by the body itself causes arthritis diseases. In fact, the liver and lungs prevent the spread of inflammation produced by the body. However, their deformation causes the spread of inflammation and arthritis. These diseases adversely affect the bone and muscle system. Honeysuckle flower regulates the functions of the liver and lungs and prevents the body from getting inflammation.
  • Indians gather fresh honeysuckle and boil it. By applying this water to the wounds, it allows the wound to heal faster. In Chinese medicine, honeysuckle flower controls the skin surface and prevents the cells from deforming.
  • Stomach ailments come first among digestive problems. Honeysuckle flower balances stomach acid and prevents diseases. It is also recommended to consume a glass before going to bed at night for those who suffer from chronic sleep.
  • Since it is a strong antioxidant, honeysuckle flower tea is recommended as a natural remedy for dry cough due to various reasons as well as upper respiratory tract diseases.
  • It has the strongest calming effect found in nature. One glass of it instantly relieves headaches. That’s why experts recommend it for those who have frequent headache problems.

honeysuckle tea


The most common method used is tea. Honeysuckle flowers are thrown into the boiling hot water. It can be consumed after resting for 5 minutes. Thyme and a drop of lemon juice can also be added. This mixture is especially used for sleep problems. You can dip cotton in the mixture and apply it to your face as a tonic.

what are the benefits of honeysuckle flower


Causes poisoning when consumed excessively. Therefore, it is useful to consult a specialist before consuming it. Symptoms of poisoning include stomach pain, dizziness and vomiting. The medicine should not be taken one hour before and one hour after honeysuckle flower tea. Since it is a strong antioxidant, it kills the effect of the drug.

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