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What are the causes of forgetfulness?

Are you one of those who talk about forgetfulness? There are many times that we forget with the busy schedule of work and cannot remember what we ate yesterday. But do we know what lies behind this forgetfulness? You can actually solve the forgetfulness that we immediately resort to drugs with natural methods.

Causes of Forgetfulness?

Forgetfulness can have many causes. These may include stress, an active lifestyle, heavy workload. Deletion of information in memory may not always cause a disease, it is normal to forget things that are not repeated or recalled. Only if this situation is so much that you forget about the situations that happened very recently, then you can consult a specialist or try to solve it with natural methods first. Let’s examine the causes of forgetfulness together.

  1. advancing age
  2. head injuries
  3. depression and stress
  4. Vitamin and mineral deficiency
  5. Pregnancy

Foods Good for Forgetfulness


We give young people a handful of walnuts before the exam. As can be understood from its shape, walnuts are very beneficial for the brain. It strengthens memory and is perfect for forgetfulness.

Dark chocolate

When dark chocolate is consumed in the right amount, it provides many benefits to the body. Thanks to the polyphenols in it, it supports the healthy functioning of the brain. If you do not have allergies or diseases, you can consume a few small squares of dark chocolate a day.

Species of fish

Omega3, which is the main cause of forgetfulness, causes forgetfulness when its deficiency is felt from our body. One of the best and useful solutions for this is fish, which is very rich in Omega3. Especially salmon, sardines, tuna fish contain plenty of Omega3.


Thanks to spinach, folic acid, plenty of vitamin C and minerals, it supports the healthy functioning of the brain. However, it will be much more beneficial to use spinach raw in your salads.


Even the smell of cinnamon is enough to strengthen one’s memory. As a result of researches, the smell of cinnamon strengthens concentration and refreshes memory. The minerals in it help to get rid of forgetfulness. If you want, you can sprinkle 1 teaspoon on the food you eat or you can brew cinnamon tea.

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