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What are the foods that should not be consumed in sahur? Does drinking tea in sahur make you thirsty?

Ramadan, the sultan of eleven months, has arrived. Preparations have been made, and food for sahur and iftar meals have already begun to be taken. However, experts warned those who will fast on some issues. At the beginning of these were the things that should be consumed in the sahur. The food consumed in sahur will be the vitamins and minerals that the body will use during the day. So, what are the foods that should not be consumed in sahur? Does drinking tea in sahur make you thirsty?

One of the most important issues for those who fast is to prepare the body for long-term hunger and thirst. Experts emphasize that the most important meal in this regard is sahur. The food consumed in sahur controls the health status of the body throughout the day. Therefore, some foods should not be consumed in sahur. These include processed foods and foods high in sugar and salt. Foods rich in sugar, fat and salt, in particular, eliminate the feeling of being full for a long time, causing hunger and thirst. It is useful to stay away from foods that contain such substances in order to keep the person’s health unaffected by fasting, which coincides with long days.


While making sahur, which serves as breakfast, you should not keep the foods listed below from your table during Ramadan. Medipol Mega Hospital Specialist Dr. Subet asked Özerdem what should not be consumed in sahur. Here is the answer…



Tea containing theophylline causes the body to excrete extra water through urine. This leaves the body dehydrated and quickly disrupts the balance of potassium and sodium. For this reason, experts do not recommend drinking the tea infused at the time of sahur, when the body gets what it needs during fasting. Experts who recommend that tea be consumed in very clear amounts, underline that the most important food is orange juice instead of tea.

Dark tea makes you thirsty during fasting


Since salt rapidly consumes the fluid rate in the body, it causes thirst immediately. . In particular, it causes the salivary glands to work slowly. This quickly reduces the amount of fluid in the body. Therefore, when buying cheese, attention should be paid to the salt content in its content.

salty cheese


Jam made from fruits such as apricots, strawberries and sour cherries can be used for breakfast as well as in sahur. are among the foods. These foods, which contain sugar, are thought to keep you full for a long time, but the foods that experts warn the most are jams. Because jams increase blood sugar in terms of the sugar they contain. This can cause rapid hunger and thirst.



It is one of the foods that make you hungry in a short time. Fries made with trans fat and containing high carbohydrates, when consumed at sahur, prepare the ground for weight gain as well as making you hungry and thirsty during fasting. For this reason, experts emphasize that these foods should definitely not be consumed at sahur.



Products such as sausage, salami and canned goods were processed. These products, which contain a high amount of oil, are also added to some additional products so that they do not deteriorate. This makes food unhealthy. In addition, foods use excess fluid as they pass through digestion in the body. The body’s fluid ratio drops during the digestive process. They also get hungry quickly.

Processed products


Although Ramadan pita is consumed in iftar, the first thing that comes to mind when Ramadan is mentioned. If it is beneficial, it is just as harmful to consume it in the sahur. Since the high sugar it contains affects the glycemic index in the blood, it causes a feeling of openness after a while.

Ramadan pita

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