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What are the recipes to make with watermelon? 5 different recipes made with watermelon

We love watermelon, which is among the first tastes that come to mind when summer is mentioned, so much that we can consume it at all meals. Watermelon is indispensable for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So, in which recipes is watermelon consumed? Here are 5 different recipes you can make with watermelon:

It is possible to make light and practical desserts with watermelon, one of the indispensable fruits of the summer months. This fruit, which is rich in fiber and a full liquid store, offers a great alternative for those who are tired of the heat. Watermelon, which is a fruit belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family, is mostly grown in Diyarbakir in our country. Today, we are preparing different recipes with watermelon, which is effective against indigestion and constipation, and watermelon, which is also beneficial for stomach health. It is a very good idea in summer heat to take advantage of cold drinks such as watermelon lemonade, smoothies or different recipes more than the benefits of watermelon!




5 slices of watermelon
½ pack of cream
1 teaspoon of milk
½ teaspoon of sugar


Remove the seeds from the watermelon and cut it into small cubes.

Beat your cream with the help of a hand blender until it has a solid consistency.

Take the watermelon into your blender and blend until mashed.

When it is well crushed, add cream, milk and sugar. Stir until the sugar dissolves in it.

Once the sugar has melted, transfer the mixture to the storage container. Leave to cool in the freezer for about 3 hours. Make sure to mix your ice cream every half hour.

After freezing and reaching the desired consistency, take out your ice creams with the help of an ice cream spoon and serve.


watermelon peel jam

We share with you the special recipe to experience the taste of watermelon in a different way and to consume it as jam.

The watermelon jam that you have never tried before is the kind that will be the crown of your breakfast tables. The recipe for watermelon peel jam, which has a completely different taste thanks to the cloves in it, is in our content…



2 large slices of watermelon
200 g sweet curd cheese
Half a bunch of fresh mint
1 teaspoon sesame (roasted)
3 slices of whole grain bread (diced)

For the sauce;

1 teaspoon of balsamic vinegar



Slice the watermelon into cubes and transfer it to a deep bowl.

In a separate bowl, mix the crumbled curd cheese and the fresh mint separated from the leaves, add them on the watermelon slices and mix.

Toast the diced bread in the oven. Add diced watermelon slices and bread to the salad bowl and mix.

Drizzle balsamic vinegar on top and serve.


watermelon lemonade

How about making lemonade from watermelon, which you can consume in summer with the amount of water in it?

Lemonade with watermelon, which will take all the tiredness of the day, leaves a mark on the palate. The tricks of making watermelon lemonade, which you can easily make at home, are in the details of our news.

Enjoy your meal…

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