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What are the symptoms of anxiety

As a result of the chaos, stress and confusion of life, it causes feelings such as instant fear, anxiety and worry.

An increase in the dose of emotional changes called anxiety or anxiety disorder and their becoming permanent is an indication that the condition has turned into a disease.

The minds and bodies of people with anxiety disorders often act independently of each other.

What are the symptoms

While reactions to emotions vary from person to person,  The general symptoms are as follows;



-Accelerating heartbeat

-Rapid breathing

Inability to focus on any emotion other than worry

-Shortness of breath

-dry mouth


-Muscle cramps

Treatment method

Although each anxiety patient has unique symptoms, there are two methods of treatment;

The first method, drug therapy, does not completely cure the anxiety disorder, but improves the symptoms. It helps the person to feel more comfortable and adapt to social life.

Another method, psychotherapy, is known as talk therapy. In psychotherapy, help from a therapist is sought to reduce anxiety symptoms. With cognitive behavioral therapy, which is one of the effective treatments for anxiety, the anxiety of the person is minimized.

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