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What are the symptoms of snake bite? What should be done in a snake bite?

Snake bites, especially in rural areas, cause serious health consequences. In order to prevent these cases, which increase with hot weather, experts warned especially for people living in areas where snakes are common. What are the symptoms of snake bite? What should be done in a snake bite?

The poisonous substance found in the tooth canals of snakes harms the human body. The venom of some snakes even causes death. In our country, 28 of 41 snake species are non-venomous and 13 are poisonous. Especially snake bite cases are experienced in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions. One of the misconceptions about snake bite is that the bitten area is cut with a knife and the blood is spit out. In the face of such a case, the person should be kept conscious and taken to a doctor. Otherwise, it can cause permanent damage or even death. Another common misconception is that sea snakes do not bite. Sea snakes are just as dangerous as those on land. In fact, 50 percent of such cases resulted in death due to early intervention.

Snake bites are a type of venom with a high rate of transmission to the blood as well as the skin.


The most common symptom is poisoning. Following this situation; nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, vertigo, tachycardia and cold body symptoms occur. People with weakened immunity have a high rate of being paralyzed after being bitten, despite early intervention. Because the venom secreted by snakes causes nerve cells to collapse.

snake bites are not the same


  • The viper bite is one of the most common cases. Viper bites are quite deep. The bitten area starts to bruise and swell after 5 seconds. The poison creates edema in the area. Such snake bites should be taken to a specialist without intervention.
  • The bite of the pit viper is small. Numbness begins in the bitten area. Later, the person’s tongue turns yellow and vomits due to severe nausea. As the number of beneficial cells in the blood decreases rapidly, the person faints after high blood pressure and chills. This type of snake bite case should also be intervened under expert control.
  • Symptoms are not so severe in small snake bites. It is useful to pour tincture of diode or cologne on the bitten area. If these are not available, you can also use garlic and lemon.

some herbs are good for snake bites


Burdock Grass

Wash burdock in vinegar water. Then mash well together with the garlic in a clean, thin cloth. During snake bites, put this cloth on the bite area. The effect of the herb inhibits the spread of snake venom.


Plantain, like its name, renews nerve cells affected by snake venom. Extract the juice of the plantain passed through the blender and add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice into it. Wash the snake bite area thoroughly with this mixture.


Crush the hemp seeds and add 2 tea glasses of warm water into it. Apply the mushy mixture to the area bitten by the snake.

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