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What causes attention deficit? How about attention deficit? Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)…

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a disease that can cause extremely important academic, social and psychiatric problems and its negative effects can last a lifetime. The answers to all your questions about attention deficit, which is mostly seen in children today, but also seen in adults, are in our news.

Attention deficit is a neurodevelopmental disorder that causes a person to have problems in overseeing details, taking sudden actions such as impulsiveness, listening and adapting due to a shortened attention span and difficulty in controlling his impulsive behaviors. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), prevalence in the community 5-7%is very high, starting in childhood and 60-70% It is a disorder that can continue into adulthood. Although hyperactivity is an important part of this syndrome, attention deficit alone is also quite common. While the diagnosis can be made more easily in the presence of hyperactivity in children, the diagnosis can be made later only in patients with attention deficit disorder. Many individuals with attention deficits lead their lives without realizing the disease.



Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD is known to have 3 different types of symptoms.

  • attention deficit type symptoms of ADHD;

– Difficulty concentrating

-Inability to maintain attention

-Not making eye contact

Inability to continue in the same activity for a long time

– get bored quickly

– Ignoring the details


– Difficulty listening to others

Losing personal items and relics

-Failure to remember simple directions

-Making mistakes often

attention deficit type symptoms of ADHD;

  • Hyperactivity type symptoms of ADHD;

-More mobility

-Can’t stay still

-Moving hands and feet constantly, even while sitting


-Missing words and not being able to connect sentences

-Have trouble listening

– Interrupting the other person’s word

Hyperactivity type symptoms of ADHD;

  • impulsivity type symptoms of ADHD;

-Demanding, imposing, prompt fulfillment of requests

-Be impatient

– act without thinking

-Acting hastily

-Can’t wait in line

-Unable to control reactions


The treatment of the person diagnosed with attention deficit disorder is arranged in line with the person’s age, gender, other existing diseases and findings. In the presence of hyperactivity accompanying attention deficit, different treatment methods can be applied. In attention deficit disorder, which has medicated and non-drug treatment methods, both treatment methods are usually applied together. Mental and physical exercises have an important role in drug-free treatment.

Therapy, which is one of the types of psychological support, can also be applied throughout the process. Non-drug treatment for children requires parental education as well as the therapy and education the child receives. The family should be understanding and patient throughout the treatment process. It should be remembered that the actions of the child are not caused by mischief, but by an ailment. However, the physician may prescribe some medications to support the treatment. In addition to the regular and recommended use of drugs, it is important for the sustainability and effectiveness of the treatment that the family is in constant contact with the teachers and the family with the physician throughout the treatment process.

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