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What is a brain aneurysm and what are its symptoms? Is there a cure for a brain aneurysm?

Actor Tom Sizmore was rushed to the hospital after suffering a brain aneurysm at his home. The brain aneurysm seen from the actor began to be investigated. Those who are curious about this disease, which is caused by damage to the aorta and leads to death, are included in the details of the news. So what is a brain aneurysm and what are its symptoms? Is there a cure for a brain aneurysm?

An aneurysm is an enlarged ballooning of a weak spot of an artery or aorta. Usually aneurysm occurs after the age of 40. However, the recent metropolitan life has caused this disease to occur even in young people. An aneurysm, which is experienced as a result of extreme fatigue, stress and insufficient nutrition, occurs in the brain. Aneurysms form in the bifurcation areas of the vessels. This area enlarges when exposed to intense blood or air pressure. Enlarged veins cause bursting. It causes minor bleeding in the brain. As the blood rate in the brain increases, serious damage is experienced. Aneurysm, which causes damage to the body if not intervened early, can result in death. Since large and small hemorrhages spread in the brain, the patient who has this disease should be kept under constant control. Aneurysms that show symptoms very rarely, especially those with a family history, should undergo continuous health examinations. Especially hot weather triggers brain aneurysm.

Tom Sizemore


Sudden brain pressure caused by high blood pressure,

During or after serious brain diseases,

Sudden emotional changes that increase the blood rate in the brain,

Excessive drug, cocaine or drug use

Excessive straining of a woman in labor,

One of the close members of the family has lived before,

Causes such as the nicotine in cigarettes dilating the brain vessels causes an aneurysm to form and burst.



20% of people whose aneurysm ruptures die suddenly.

Severe headache that lasts for a few hours or a few days.

Situations such as nausea or vomiting appear.

Severe contractions occur in neck movement.

unconsciousness, lack of concentration,

Having seizures similar to migraine attacks,

Visual disturbance with vision loss,

Causes such as sudden drowsiness, heavy eyelids and blood collection in the eyes may occur.

With the loss of function of the neurons that control the body in the bleeding that begins in the brain, a loss of strength is observed in the arms or legs.

aneurysm treatment


If aneurysm bleeding has caused damage to the brain, it becomes more difficult to treat. Treatment of a bleeding aneurysm is done to prevent re-bleeding and sudden death. Brain functions lost due to bleeding are tried to be regained by rehabilitation method. With surgical intervention, clips are placed on the vessels feeding the aneurysm. However, there are methods that can be done without any surgical intervention.

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