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What is a polyp? What are the symptoms of polyps and treatment methods? Watch out for these 5 signs of polyps!

Polyps, which are more likely to be seen with aging, appear in certain parts of the body. It is emphasized that especially large intestine and colon polyps can turn into cancer in some cases where they are dangerous. So what is such a risky polyp? What are the symptoms of polyps and treatment methods? Here are these 5 signs of polyps!

Polyps, one of the names frequently used by the medical world, can also be seen in areas such as the uterus, intestines, nose, stomach, cervix, which are seen in the digestive cavity of the body or covered with mucous membranes. Polyps that grow over time bring with them some health problems. Although the majority of polyps appearing in tumor-like structures appear benign, risk of cancer types are also available. More common polyps in the large intestine; As a diagnosis and treatment method, surgical operation, endoscopy or different types of methods are evaluated.

What is a polyp?


Polyps are abnormal tissue growths that appear in certain parts of the human body, mostly in the form of bumps. Small polyps appear on the body in two different ways. One of them looks like a mushroom. The other is in a flatter form. Since they are usually benign formations, they are hardly noticed in the human body. The most common areas of polyps, where the tendency to become cancerous is rare; uterus and cervix, vocal cords, intestines and gall bladder. This type, which is seen as an obstacle to pregnancy, is removed with the help of surgical operation.



Polyps can appear on the body for no particular reason. Small polyps do not cause serious health problems in the body. However, in some cases, it causes adverse conditions that affect daily life. Polyps, which are more common in women, show different symptoms in different tissues and organs of the body. Polyps in the gallbladder ; It manifests itself with conditions such as nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, and jaundice. Polyps in the vocal cordsThe symptom is abnormalities in the structure of the voice. polyps in the gutRecurrent diarrhea and blood in the stool are seen, causing irregularity in digestion. polyp appearing in the noseThe symptom is manifested by disorders in taste and smell, severe nasal congestion, changes in voice, and pain in the head, around the eyes and upper teeth.

What are the symptoms of polyps


polyp treatment, Although it varies depending on where the polyp appears in the body, the treatment method is applied according to its size, how many there are and the type of polyp. When the malignant polyps are encountered, they are evaluated by specialist physicians and the treatment method is carried out without losing time. Treatment procedures are performed with endoscopy, polyp cures, regulatory drugs or different methods. You do not stay in the hospital after the treatment. After the treatment, the patient returns to his daily life.



Not removing polyps that do not pose a risk poses no problem. Polyps of 2 cm are located in the lowest part of the risk category; however, polyps larger than 2 cm indicate a risk situation. Risky polyps need immediate treatment and surveillance. In particular, polyps appearing in the uterus cause infertility.


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