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What is an ovarian/ovarian cyst?

Ovarian cyst, also known as ovarian cyst, occurs when the sacs carrying the egg cell continue to grow without cracking.

Ovarian cysts refer to fluid-filled sacs in the ovaries.

Why does it occur?

During the menstrual period of women every month, a follicle cyst occurs, which carries the egg cell in the egg and can grow up to 3 cm in size. Then this cyst bursts and the egg comes out.

If the egg is fertilized with sperm, pregnancy occurs.

However, if there are hormonal imbalances in women living this cycle, the egg does not crack, it grows and becomes a follicle cyst.

Does an ovarian cyst prevent pregnancy?

85% of ovarian cysts are benign and occur between the ages of 20-44. If the cause of its formation is hormonal irregularity, it can cause infertility.


ovarian cyst ovarian cyst

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