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What is dawn soup? How to make Dawn Soup?

Egg seasoning and tomatoes are not usually used together in Turkish cuisine, but they are almost inseparable in the dawn soup, which we will give the recipe for. Şafak soup is a full source of vitamins thanks to the ingredients it contains, and enchants the stomach with its taste. At the same time, the soup that appeals to the eyes opens the appetite.

Dawn soup, the main ingredient of which is tomato, is both very tasty and very beneficial for health. The soup, which is prepared without additives, should be preferred a lot, as it is like a medicine in the winter months. What are the ingredients for Dawn Soup? What is the Dawn Soup recipe? You can find the answer to your questions here.

dawn soup



1 tablespoon of butter
2 spoons of flour
2 cups of milk
3 tablespoons of tomato puree or 3 grated tomatoes
1 spoon of tomato paste
3 glasses of water
1 chicken broth tablet

Tomatoes and tomato paste


Put the butter and flour in the pan, fry well.

Add the grated tomatoes and tomato paste and turn it a little.

Add the milk. (Stir quickly with a whisk to avoid lumps.)

After adding the water and chicken broth tablet, stir until it boils.

Adjust your salt.

Bring to a boil for two more times and turn off the stove.

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