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What is the herb that purifies the body from toxins? What are the benefits of madımak grass?

The herb that grows spontaneously, especially in the Western Black Sea lands of our country, is among the unique flavors of the tables. Madımak herb, which has a name change from region to region, is often confused with purslane. We have compiled for you the ones who are curious about the herb, which is a powerful antioxidant. What are the benefits of madımak grass?

Belonging to the sorrel family, arimak grass is consumed very often by the local people in the Western Black Sea and Central Anatolia. The meal made with bulgur is among the indispensables of the village tables. Madagascar grass, which contains a high amount of liquid, is also rich in vitamins B6 and E. Because it contains high nutritional values, kiwi grass provides long-term satiety. Although it is low in calories, it is usually made with a juicy meal, which has high energy values. In some regions, it is fried with onions, spiced and prepared as a pastry.

kiwifruit is a powerful antioxidant


  • Containing substances with a high level of antioxidant effects, kiwigrass cleans the free radicals accumulated in the body. It strengthens the immune system against viruses and bacteria.
  • The most effective benefit is balancing the sugar rate in the blood. It maintains the functional structure of the body by lowering the high blood sugar. Therefore, diabetic patients can easily consume it.
  • It can also be dried and consumed in the form of tea. Consumed in the form of tea, kiwigrass contributes to the digestive system. Balancing the stomach acid, the herb tea prevents constipation and diarrhea by running the intestinal functions.
  • Being rich in liquids, kiwigrass increases the functionality of the kidneys. It prevents the accumulation of urine in the bladder bag. It is a powerful diuretic and anti-inflammatory.
  • Thanks to its antiseptic feature, it increases the body’s resistance and prevents it from being weak against diseases.
  • It is recommended to be consumed by people who have frequent diarrhea problems.
  • It is also an ideal food for weight loss. It prevents the body from overeating by providing long-term satiety.

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