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What kind of dishes are made from meat? Delicious meat recipes

With its taste, weight and flavor, meat dishes are among the indispensables of Turkish cuisine. We have compiled meat dishes that are frequently preferred by Anatolian and world cuisines for you. If you are thinking about what kind of dishes can be made from meat, you can take a look at the delicious recipes made from meat that we have prepared for you.

Meat dishes, which are enjoyed all over the world, add flavor to the tables. Meat dishes, which have a thousand and one recipes and leave unforgettable flavors on everyone’s palates with their different cooking techniques, accompany the tables of all cultures. Different types of meat dishes that add flavor to the tables are not in everyone’s recipe book. As the Yasemin.com family, we have created a list of what kind of dishes can be made from meat for you. If you are wondering what kind of dishes can be made from meat, you can take a look at our compilation of delicious meat recipes.


Hünkarbegendi, whose flavor dates back to Ottoman cuisine, is perhaps one of the most delicious foods made with meat. It leaves an unforgettable taste on the palate with its meat cut into cubes and its consistency like Turkish delight. Here is a delicious recipe for Hünkarbegendi that you can make with meat.

Meat recipes


Rabbit Stew

Tavsanli casserole, which is a traditional dish, takes on a unique flavor by reaching the consistency of Turkish delight when it is combined with wood fire. Tavsanli casserole, which is among the flavors that must be tried, is waiting to meet with your tables.


Kebab of adana

There is no need to go to restaurants for kebab, you can bring the restaurant to your feet with the adana kebab you can make at home that we have prepared for you. You should give this easy and delicious recipe a try.


Although it may seem like a difficult meal, the Alexander meal, which you can easily make at home, may be the savior of the day. How about trying this recipe, discovered 150 years ago, at home? You can find the recipe for Iskender at the link below.


Forest kebab, which meat and vegetables miss, has been indispensable for Turkish tables for centuries. Forest kebab, which is made with love and first comes to mind for guests, is perhaps one of the most beautiful dishes that meat suits. If you are wondering how to make forest kebab, you should take a look at the recipe.



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