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What should a person with low blood sugar do? What to eat in hypoglycemia? How to eat in hypoglycemia?

Hypoglycemia is defined as a person’s blood sugar lower than normal values, which has recently become a problem for many people. One of the most common problems when dieting is the most important cause of hypoglycemia, unhealthy and irregular nutrition. So what should a person with low blood draw do to prevent this and not to invite diseases, how should he be fed in hypoglycemia? My news for details

As an insidious disease, hypoglycemia, which is the nightmare of many people, is defined as blood sugar, that is, glucose level lower than normal values. Glucose, which the human body needs the most, is the main source of energy and the one that raises the energy the most. Hypoglycemia, which can even cause death if neglected, must be diagnosed and a nutrition program must be determined accordingly. It is very important to do. Medical Park Hospital Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Eda Önal points out that this limit is accepted as 70 mg/dl in patients with diabetes according to the American Endocrine Society and gives information on the subject.


  • A conscious patient at the time of hypoglycemia should be given orally 4-5 pieces of sugar cubes corresponding to 15-20 g sugar or 150-200 ml of fruit juice or lemonade.
  • The use of fat-containing products such as chocolate or wafers is found to be incorrect. In the blood sugar control performed after 15 minutes, if low blood sugar continues, it is recommended to take 15-20 g of sugar again.
  • Unconscious patients must be treated under hospital conditions and given intravenous sugar as a liquid. Regulating the diet is considered very important in patients with reactive hypoglycemia.
  • In order to prevent reactive hypoglycemia, it is necessary to stay away from sugary foods (junk foods, sweets, fruit juices, white bread, rice, pasta and some fruits) that rapidly raise and lower blood sugar.
  • If the treatment with snacks and a low glycemic index diet is not sufficient, sometimes drug treatment may be required. Treatment of hypoglycemia varies according to the underlying disease.
  • For the recurrence and prevention of hypoglycemia, the cause should be determined and appropriate medical or surgical treatment should be applied.

How to feed in hypoglycemia?


We have listed for you the most curious questions about how hypoglycemic people should be fed by Expert Dietitian Selahattin Dönmez.

  1. For hypoglycemic people, always consume whole grain bread as bread.
  2. They should never replace the main meal with fruit. When fruit is eaten as a snack, always choose half a tea glass of milk, diet buttermilk or yoghurt that supports calcium.
  3. Be sure to plan your meals as 3 main meals and at least 2 snacks.
  4. Remove sugar and all sugar-containing foods from your life.
  5. In main meals, choose more lean red meat, skinless fish, turkey or chicken, grilled vegetables or vegetables with olive oil and plenty of salad. In this disease, which is carried by millions of people in Turkey, experts warned that chicken skin should not be eaten.

foods prohibited in hypoglycemia

  1. Yoghurt or ayran is a life saver. In order to prevent an attack of extreme hunger, especially around 16.00, never prefer a large glass of toast rather than a toast. 5. The sugar of dried fruits increases the body’s need for insulin.
  2. In order to prevent or treat hypoglycemia, ready or freshly squeezed fruit juice should be avoided, and fresh fruit should be consumed instead of dried fruit.
  3. Milk is a special food that keeps blood sugar balanced by containing both healthy protein, healthy fat and healthy animal protein. Make it a habit to consume 1 glass of milk when you are absolutely hungry.
  4. Dried legumes are super foods that prevent the sudden rise and fall of blood sugar. Take care to add some dried legumes to your salads at every main meal or boiled.
  5. Drink 1 glass of water before meals and 1 glass of water during the meal. Thus, prevent the rapid mixing of food into the blood. Remember that this is important in maintaining your blood sugar balance.
  6. Avocado is one of the alternatives that prevents blood sugar from falling. Prevent the drop in sugar by consuming avocado, not by eating sugar.
  7. Almonds, pistachios and hazelnuts are health elixirs that prevent the tendency to sleep in reactive hypoglycemia when unroasted. After a meal, 1 palm is enough.
  8. If you prefer alcohol in social life, you should definitely stay away from alcohol.
  9. It is reported that foods containing caffeine trigger hypoglycemia. Therefore, make sure to limit coffee drinking to a maximum of 2 cups a day.
  10. It has been reported that saturated fats negatively affect insulin use. Avoid cream, cream, fatty meats and delicatessen products.

What should a person with low blood sugar do?

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