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What should normal blood sugar be? 3 miraculous recipes that break insulin resistance

Blood sugar is the amount of glucose in human blood. In people who consume three meals a day and meet their nutritional needs, it causes blood sugar to rise as well as decrease. So, what should normal blood sugar be? Here are 3 miraculous recipes that break insulin resistance…

Imbalance in blood sugar is an important problem seen in the vast majority of society and goes up to chronic disease. Shown among risky diseases such as death diabetes ; must be treated and monitored. It also occurs as a result of genetics, unhealthy diet and restricted movements. Experts point out that not neglecting a healthy life and physical movements during the day reduces diabetes. So what is good for this chronic disease that causes health problems? Here are 3 miraculous food cures that will break insulin resistance…

Blood sugar



The blood sugar value that should be seen in healthy people is 70-120 mg/dl. For some people, the situation is completely different. When the body cannot produce enough insulin, blood sugar rises. In this case, it is the disease called “diabetes mellitus” or insufficiency in insulin secretion. Diagnosing diabetes alone is a very wrong situation. Therefore, the 3-month average glucose value, called HbA1c, is also checked. As a result of the values, 6-6.5% value is hidden sugar, if it is above 6.5%, it is an indicator of diabetes.

What should normal blood sugar be like?



YOGURT CURE: In a bowl of kneading; Add 1 tablespoon of cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of turmeric and 2 tablespoons of oatmeal. And after completing the mixture, you can consume it after waiting 5-10 minutes.

Yogurt Cure

BROCOLI CURE: Olive oil, which is among the indispensables of a healthy life, plays a very important role in balancing blood sugar. Another food that balances blood sugar is broccoli. When consumed together, it is very effective in terms of health.

broccoli cure

GREEN LEAF VEGETABLES:Green leafy vegetables, which are low in calories and an extremely nutritious food, balance blood sugar and protect from diabetes complications and cataracts.

green leafy vegetable

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