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What’s the best place to eat in Bolu? The 3 most famous recipes of Bolu!

We are here with the 3 most famous recipes of Bolu, one of the important cities of Turkey with its deep-rooted history, natural beauty and delicious local dishes. So what’s the best place to eat in Bolu? What are Bolu’s 3 most famous food recipes? Let’s discover Bolu’s famous recipes together…

Bolu, which fascinates people with its natural beauty, also manages to make a name for itself with its food. Bolu, which is quite delicious and whose fame dates back to the Ottoman palace cuisine, is known for its chefs from Mengen. We have compiled for you the 3 most famous recipes of Bolu, which has such an ancestral profession and is famous for its cuisine. Even if you have never been to Bolu, if you want to give the breeze of Bolu cuisine to your homes, this article is perfect for you. So what’s the best place to eat in Bolu? What is the most famous dish of Bolu? Let’s examine it step by step…



In Bolu, where culinary culture is important, the value given to food is gaining great value. Vegetable dishes are not preferred much in Bolu, which was influenced by the culinary culture of the Ottoman Empire and is dominated by palace cuisine today. In Bolu cuisine, where meat dominates, lamb is especially preferred.

In addition, there is great interest in chicken in Bolu; Barbecue skewers, breast and chops are indispensable. In addition, the people of Bolu, who are very fond of pastries, also enjoy local pastries such as manti, pancakes, pastries and donuts. Soups, which are the apple of every cuisine’s eye, are consumed in many different ways in Bolu. The most famous soups are; Yayla soup, broad bean soup with yoghurt, and Ovmaç soup are among the frequently consumed and local soups.


If you are ready to become the chef of your home from Mengen, now we will give you the 3 most famous recipes of Bolu that we have chosen for you! Prepare your materials because the Bolu wind will blow in your home today! If you have everything ready, take a look at our article below for the 3 most famous recipes of Bolu…


If you ask which soup of Bolu is famous, “Mengen Soup” will undoubtedly come to mind. Mengen soup, which is very satisfying and heart-warming, has gone beyond borders and has gained its own place in every kitchen. Below we leave the recipe for mengen soup, one of the indispensable flavors of Bolu, that we have chosen for you. Bon appetit in advance…


Bolu kebab, which is similar to karnıyargı but has completely different filling ingredients, is one of the main dishes worth trying. We wrote the recipe for Bolu Kebab, which attracts attention with its taste and magnificent appearance, for you. If you try it, be sure to write to us!

How to make Bolu kebab



3 garden eggplants
400 grams of lamb cubed meat
1-2 onions
5-6 mushrooms
2 cups grated tomatoes
1 tablespoon tomato paste
2 glasses of water
Half grated cheddar
Salt and spices of your choice



Cut the eggplants in half lengthwise with their stems.

Salt them and let them rest for 5-10 minutes.

After waiting, wash the eggplants and fry them.

Remove the inner parts of the fried eggplants.

Roast the cubed meat in a pot until the water is absorbed.

Add the diced mushrooms, onion and eggplant into the cubed meat and cook.

Add tomato grate and paste, salt, spices and water and fry until the water is absorbed.

Then place the prepared mixture into the eggplants that you have emptied.

Add grated cheddar on top and bake in the oven at 180 degrees.

Enjoy your meal…


We have said that bolu carries inspirations from the Ottoman cuisine. How would you like to try the palace halva at home, even the name of which evokes the Ottoman Empire? We leave the recipe for you below.

Bolu halva recipe



125 grams of margarine
2 cups flour
2 cups powdered sugar
1 coffee cup pistachios

Bolu halva


Add flour to the melted margarine in a pot and fry over low heat until it thickens.

Remove the roasted flour from the stove, add the powdered sugar and mix well.

Then put the halva back on the stove and roast for another 5-10 minutes.

Then spread the resulting halva on the tray and press it.

Decorate with pistachios.

Enjoy your meal

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