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Where does the name of Kemalpaşa dessert come from? Here is the story of Kemalpaşa dessert that is curious…

It is quite curious where the name of “Kemalpaşa Dessert”, known as a cheese dessert and consumed fondly by the Turkish society, comes from. The story of Kemalpaşa Dessert, which is produced daily and consumed fresh, is also quite strange. Here is the curious name history of Kemalpaşa Dessert, which everyone loves to consume… Those who wonder about Kemal Pasha are in the details of our article…

“Kemalpaşa Dessert”, which Turkish people love to consume, is served in many ways according to preferences. Those who want to pour tahini on the Kemalpaşa Dessert, those who wish can eat it plain or can be consumed with cream, if desired. As such, Kemalpaşa Dessert is indispensable for the people. While the recipe of Kemalpaşa dessert, whose flavor is legendary, is frequently sought, another curious subject about this famous deliciousness is the history of its name. Kemalpaşa Dessert, which is a matter of curiosity where its name comes from, is starting to be searched in search engines. Let’s find out where the name of Kemalpaşa Dessert, which is amazing with its taste, comes from!

Where does the name of Kemalpaşa Dessert come from?


The real name of Kemalpaşa Dessert, which is actually known as an abbreviation “Mustafakemalpasa Cheese Dessert” known as. Produced in the Mustafakemalpaşa district of Bursa and produced with a special cheese, Kemalpaşa Dessert is produced daily and attracts attention with its fresh consumption. Kemalpaşa Dessert, which is produced and sold outside the district, is consumed with less cheese and dried in order to keep its shelf life long. For this reason, there is a taste difference between the original Kemalpaşa Dessert and the one produced abroad.


Kemalpa Dessert


Although there is no clear information about the story of Kemalpaşa Dessert, known as Bursa’s special dessert, it is rumored that immigrant families brought this dessert to the district in the last periods of the Ottoman Empire. Kemalpaşa Dessert, which is made only from sheep’s milk, is consumed at certain times. Known for its unique taste, the cheese dessert was only consumed for a short time. Later, although the exact date is not known, producers started to produce Kemalpaşa Dessert from cow’s milk in the 1950s. In this way, it was possible to eat this dessert for 12 months and to make it popular. Kemalpaşa Dessert, also known as cheese dessert in the district, is known as Kemalpaşa Dessert, which is identified with the Mustafakemalpaşa district of Bursa.

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