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Why do some people get fat soon after marriage?

It is often seen that men and especially women start to gain weight after marriage. Various studies claim that the risk of weight gain is higher in newly married couples. Many of you may have experienced this or have seen others get chubbier a few months after marriage. Have you ever wondered why this weight gain is due?

Let’s understand from the research findings:

  • Eating frequently; New couples want to enjoy every day of their new life. Newlywed brides will (mostly) not want to do any housework, let alone cooking for the family. Therefore, eating out and attending parties becomes a daily thing. Most couples don’t care about what they eat, which is one of the many reasons why their weight is likely to increase in the first years.
  • It is said that the way to the heart is through the stomach to make each other happy, whether in love or in an arranged marriage. For this reason, most people pay more attention to eating and drinking in the early days of marriage. Housewives often find new ways to impress their spouses and other family members. In many cases, healthy eating is left behind to please people.
  • Couples often add to their comfort after marriage. Facilities increase comfort and couples live a comfortable life in the first days. This comfort and excessive resting and enjoying the days of getting married is another common cause of post-marital weight gain.
  • The honeymoon period is the real culprit that acts as a roadblock in losing weight. When couples are resting and making the most of this alone time, they lose sight of their health and gain weight that is difficult to lose.

Does marriage make you fat? So why?

No. Only a constant calorie surplus can make you fat.

Why do couples gain weight after marriage? The most logical reason is that when you find your partner, you tend to ignore your appearance because you are no longer looking for a new partner. It also means you can laze around and eat the way you want without worrying too much about your weight or appearance. But it’s not a healthy approach in the long run.

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