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Why does a cracking sound come from the knees? Pay attention to this noise coming from the knees!

The crackling sound coming from your knee while walking or moving has made everyone nervous. If this condition, called crepitus, does not cause pain and swelling, no special treatment is required. However, if you are experiencing the opposite situation, pay attention to this sound coming from your knee.

During movement, the joint fluids enter the opening between the bones, forming small gas bubbles. In this case, when your knee is bent or moved, some of the bubbles burst and a cracking sound is heard. The sound or cracking of these sounds is not a condition that harms the joint. However, if these sounds give symptoms such as pain, swelling and tenderness, Regenerative Medicine Specialist Dr. As stated by Aşkın Nasırcılar. Calcification, meniscus tear or deterioration of the kneecap cartilage situations may arise. Here are the ones who are curious about the cracking sounds coming from the knee…

Causes a standing clicking sound


Regenerative Medicine Specialist Askin Nasırcılar mentioned that clicking sounds are normal in some actions such as running and climbing stairs: “In such actions, when the knee structure is not in the proper position, tension is experienced due to contact with the soft tissues or the ligaments and tendons around the knee that do not fit into place. These cause a cracking sound. All of these situations are quite normal.”said.

cracking sound

ATTENTION TO SWILLING, bruising and pain

Nasırcılar said that if the crackling sounds from the joints cause pain, swelling and bruising, attention should be paid. “If the pain brings such a situation, you should definitely consult a doctor because you may have an injury that needs to be diagnosed. Disorders that will cause knee crackling are anterior knee pain, anterior cruciate or lateral ligament injuries, meniscus tears, calcification and deterioration in the cartilage of the kneecap. “used the phrases.



Saying that the first treatment should be under the control of a physician, Nasırcılar listed the commonly used treatment methods as follows:

  • Applying ice after exercise
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Operation
  • SVF ( Stromal Vascular Fraction)
  • Mesenchymal Cell Therapy

knee pain treatment methods

Saying that the most important point to avoid knee-related problems is to avoid excess weight. Regenerative Medicine Specialist Dr. Love Nasırcılar: “Even if weight cannot be lost, the knee muscles must be strong. Therefore, it is necessary to insist on exercising without interrupting the warm-up and stretching movements.”he said.

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