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Why is iron deficiency more common in women?

Iron depot

Iron deficiency is a health problem that is more common in women. If you experience fatigue, distraction, blackouts, headaches or severe pain during menstruation during the day, you probably have an iron deficiency problem. So why do we women experience this health problem more often? Ferrittin, popularly known as an iron store, is a kind of protein complex responsible for the dissolution, storage and release of iron. Since this protein, which is responsible for the storage of iron, is less in women, we experience this health problem more often. So is that the only reason? No. Since our iron stores are low, we are more vulnerable to foods and beverages that negatively affect iron absorption. For this reason, we need to be careful when consuming certain drinks.


Tea, which is indispensable for breakfast and after dinner, negatively affects iron absorption. Tea consumption reduces the absorption of iron from food by half. If you drink tea right after the meal, be careful! It is also helpful to change this habit. I know it is very difficult for all of us…


Coffee consumption also causes iron deficiency in the person due to the amount of caffeine it contains.


Coke, which is one of the drinks we like to consume next to meals, not only reduces iron absorption, but also contains a lot of iron. Since it contains sugar, it invites cardiovascular diseases.

Whole wheat bread

Bran bread is actually a food rich in iron and minerals, but when consumed in the long term, it has the opposite effect. . Especially when you consume too much of these foods to lose weight, the iron in the bran becomes useless, so your body backfires on it, leading to anemia.

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