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Why is labiaplasty applied?

Known as genital aesthetics labioplasty is applied because the inner lips of the vagina droop outward.

After reshaping the genital area and dissatisfaction with previous operations , labioplasty is performed.

To whom can Labiaplasty be applied?

Labiaplasty is applied to women who feel pain during intercourse, lose self-confidence and have aesthetic concerns.

Which is the Best Labiaplasty Technique?

There are different methods used in genital aesthetics in line with today’s possibilities. These are techniques such as deepitelization, V plasty, partial resection, laser labioplasty upper pedicle reconstruction, Z plasty. Among these techniques, the best and the most successful method is V plasty and partial resection.

Labiaplasty Surgery Prices 2021

Genital aesthetic surgeries vary between 1 hour and 2 hours depending on the deformities in the genital area. Labiaplasty surgery prices are closely related to the current prices of the clinics.

Is Having an Abortion Risky?

Abortion means the removal of the fetus in the womb. Therefore, as in every surgical intervention, there are some risk factors in the abortion operation. However, today, thanks to technological devices and innovative applications, the risk factors that may occur from abortion operations are tried to be minimized.

Although minor, side effects such as bleeding, infection, remaining fetal part in the uterus, adhesion formation in the uterus may occur during abortion. should be visualized with an ultrasound device.

What is Abortion?

Abortion is an operation to terminate an unwanted or unhealthy pregnancy. With the medical intervention, the embryo in the uterus is removed and the uterus is cleaned.

In Which Situations Is Abortion Performed?

, which means termination of pregnancy, abortion is a surgical operation preferred mostly in unwanted pregnancies. Sometimes, the formation of an unhealthy embryo may necessitate abortion. Especially in the first months of pregnancy, stopping the baby’s heartbeat makes abortion necessary.

What the Patient Should Pay Attention to and Do Before Abortion

The expectant mother should stop eating and drinking 4-6 hours before abortion . In addition, the blood thinners used should be discontinued.

What Should Be Done After Abortion? What Should Be Considered?

It is necessary to rest after abortion and avoid activities that require heavy work. The drugs recommended by the doctor should be used regularly and a check-up should be done after a week. In addition, after the abortion, it is necessary to abstain from sexual intercourse for the period specified by the doctor.

Abortion Prices 2022

While abortion is free in public hospitals, it is paid in private clinics. Therefore, people who will have an abortion in private clinics should be informed about the prices.

What is the Hymen? What Is Its Anatomical Structure?

Hymen stitching is a name given to the folds 1-2 cm ahead of the vagina, which are considered the symbol of chastity. Although it does not have a function, it is considered a symbol of celibacy. In line with the body anatomical structure of the people , the hymen membrane suturing also has different anatomical structures. Among these structures, there are septal, cribriform, semi-septal, crescentic type, labial type hymen structure.

Why is Hymen Examination Performed?

The hymen membrane stitching examination performed by the gynecologist finds different reasons. This examination is performed in cases such as the understanding of virginity, falling on traumatic or cutting tools in the vagina, damage to the tools used during masturbation and use of tampons.

Hymen Suturing Methods

Temporary hymen is an operation performed before sexual intercourse. Thus, bleeding occurs after intercourse. Permanent hymen planting , however, after how many years the person marries, bleeding occurs in the hymen after intercourse.

Is Hymen Stitching Possible?

In line with today’s medical procedures , it is possible to plant the hymen .


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