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Blending stories, cultures and traditions in their designs and reflecting them to today’s street fashion, Les Benjamins is announcing a new creative partnership with the multi-disciplinary Turkish artist Altın Tatlı. Altın Tatlı’s solo exhibition “Dazed Heroes” will be exhibited at Les Benjamins Nişantaşı flagship store for one day on Tuesday, September 20, in parallel with the 17th Istanbul Biennial.

We talked to the artist Altın Tatlı and Les Benjamins founder and creative director Bünyamin Aydın about the details of this creative collaboration.

Golden Dessert

Turkish artist

“Dazed Heros”s Can you tell us the story and inspiration point of your adult?
“Dazed Heroes”, that is, the “Confused Heroes” series, consists of my lovers, friends and people I met who came into my life and held a mirror to me. I see each of them as a hero in my life… They portray archetypes in me, just like epics. Planets and their archetypes represent our inner heroes as we grow up on our life journey. The more you push the rock to the top, the harder it gets to lift life up. We encounter difficulties on the way, but it is up to us to observe them, overcome them and learn from them. These are a series of studies to help us understand Confused Heroes…

“Dazed Heros” is your first solo exhibition… What awaits visitors?

Actually, it’s not exactly my first solo exhibition. I studied at MassArt in the USA. At that time, I had my first solo exhibition in Cambridge at the age of 21, in a big club called Middlesex Lounge. By creating a party atmosphere just like this one. I am sure the visitors will have fun. I look forward to their thoughts on my works. Even though the exhibition is for one day, they will be able to see it online later, thanks to AR.


How does it make you feel that your exhibition is exhibited at the Les Benjamins Nişantaşı flagship store in parallel with the 17th Istanbul Biennial? Can you tell us about this cooperation from your perspective?
Bünyamin and Lamia (Les Benjamins founder and creative director Bünyamin Aydın and women’s collection chief designer Lamia Al Otaishan Aydın) have always been close friends to my heart. The fact that they are always honest, sincere and generous has an effect on my love for them so much. Normally, it is not possible to reach people with such big brands and even chat if you meet them. But Lamia and Bünyamin were able to stay true to their essence as the founders of a big brand. This collaboration is like “It’s like I go to my friend’s place and do a one-night pop-up exhibition and they open their doors with sincerity” for me.

Benjamin Aydin
Les Benjamins Founder and Creative Director

Les Benjamins previously worked on projects with artists Daniel Arsham and Ali Cha Aban. Now, Altın Tatlı’s exhibition is adding a new collaboration to its support for art. What is the place of art in your world and Les Benjamins’ world? How did your paths cross with Altın Tatlı?
Art has a very important place for both me and Les Benjamins. I just attended Frieze Seoul 3 weeks ago and this week was Contemporary Istanbul. Art inspires me as a fashion designer, but I also think that we, fashion designers, inspire art. In addition, it gives us happiness and excitement to support valuable artists such as Altın Tatlı in our country, introduce them to our community and support them in their globalization. It also makes me happy to open this power of Les Benjamins to our future talents.

We met Golden Dessert about 2 years ago, during the Nike SB Dunk Les Benjamins campaign. From the moment we met, we developed our friendship and friendship by keeping in constant communication. He is an artist who inspires me and he is very original. I think Altın Tatlı is a name that should be highly appreciated both in Turkey and globally. It also makes me happy to be behind him, both as a friend and as Les Benjamins. Our artists like Altın Dessert should now appear in the world and we, as Les Benjamins, want to support this.

Altın Tatlı’s first solo exhibition “Dazed Heroes” is on display at Les Benjamins Nişantaşı flagship store. Could we ask for your comments about the exhibition?
The original world of Altın Tatlı and the story of each of his works of art impress me. The part that excites me about Dazed Heroes is that Golden Dessert is inspired by real people. I recommend you to see this exhibition and also to follow Altın Tatlı’s work closely. He is a very valuable artist and I believe that he will put his signature under many important projects.

Vespera Whisper

The “Dazed Heros” exhibition also heralds the joint collection to be launched in October… Could you briefly talk about this creative partnership with Altın Tatlı?
Actually, it all started with our friendship. For me, continuous collaborations and the development of projects progress organically. The projects and the exhibition with Altın Tatlı are the symbols of our natural long-term relationship. That’s why the Les Benjamins community loves us so much. We have more exciting projects with Altın Tatlı, but I can’t talk about it right now, stay tuned! 🙂

All works in the exhibition are in store and online Oh! It will be offered for sale in cooperation with the Art Agency.

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