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Şule Gazioğlu Art & Design brings photographer Annette Louise Solakoğlu’s solo exhibition, Reverans to Istanbul, to art lovers. The exhibition, which consists of black and white photographs of the Swedish-German artist working in the last 15 years with the theme of Istanbul’s architecture and daily life, can be viewed at Şule Gazioğlu Art & Design Gallery between October 20 and November 20.

Photographer and film director Annette Louise Solakoğlu strolled through the streets of the city and captured the architectural beauty and human texture of Istanbul with her lens, while the diversity of the city is sometimes eye-catching and urban, sometimes nostalgic and historical. aspects of it.

Inspired by the works of Orhan Veli, Nazım Hikmet and other masters, Solakoğlu brings a lyrical meditation to his images: “Observation and timing are essential elements of my work. I was looking for a quiet poem to elevate every day that flies through the streets of Istanbul to the rank of timelessness”.

The legacy of Istanbul’s deep and complex history is embroidered into the architectural texture of the modern city. Istanbul is an ever-changing city where beauty and chaos, contrasting ideologies and cultures, a rich past and youthful enthusiasm coexist. Istanbulites, who lead their daily lives between vanity and neglect, elegance and rudeness, past and modernity, are especially in front of us with their talents in finding a place to rest and enjoy. Even in the most chaotic environment, the eyes of Istanbulites are looking for a pleasantness, a romantic escape, a light in the gloom of daily troubles.

Revealing the dilemma of Istanbul and the intricate structure of the city with its visuals that point to a great sensitivity, the exhibition captures the historical backstage and records the newly built venues of the city such as AKM, Arter and Galataport as part of the city’s architectural ecosystem, reflecting its past and witnessing its evolution. it does.

Solakoğlu, who won the Human Rights in Cinema Award at the 21st Istanbul International Film Festival, came to photography from the cinema. Thinking like a storyteller, his photographs take the viewer beyond still frames and take us on a mental journey through moments that we may have experienced in our own lives. It helps us relive our own stories set in familiar places.

Showing great love and respect for the city and its people, Solakoğlu’s photographs make viewers think more about their personal relationships with Istanbul’s architectural heritage and their vision for the city’s future.

Reverence to Istanbul can be visited at Şule Gazioğlu Art & Design Gallery in Emirgan between October 20 – November 20.

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