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The opening invitation of the first sales point of Fakir Hausgeräte’s new brand, iYO, in Bodrum Yalıkavak Marina, Fakir Hausgeräte Marketing and E-Commerce Director Zümrüt Tamer, with Expert Esthetician Nur Bilen Yavuzer, who has contributed to all processes with brand consultancy since the first day of the brand journey. It was held on Monday, July 24, with the participation of Mert Vidinli and hosted by Mert Vidinli.

The event, which started with speeches and product presentations at the iYO sales point in Yalıkavak Marina, continued with a delightful meal crowned with the table decoration prepared in accordance with the brand spirit, overlooking the magnificent view of Yalıkavak Marina Novikov Restaurant. At the event, which was held with the participation of valuable guests from art, business and social life such as Berrak Tüzünataç, Pelin Karahan, Özlem Avcıoğlu, Aslı Şen and Dila Tarkan, the guests who listened to the brand establishment story of iYO from the brand consultant Nur Bilen Yavuzer, said that after the speech, the guests of iYO products will reveal the beauty from the inside out. They got the chance to experience how it is possible.

Specialist Esthetician Nur Bilen Yavuzer started her speech by thanking the guests for sharing this excitement. “Today, I am experiencing many good feelings at the same time with iYO, which I am very embracing on this road we set out for a healthier skin and a good life with the assurance of Fakir Hausgerate. iYO has been prepared for those who want to discover the best version of themselves, with technologies that care about your well-being from the inside out and designs that support a good life in a way I believe very much. iYO products that will complement and support maintenance routines; Thanks to its ultrasonic wave, vibrating and heat therapy features, I think you are happy, like me, because it will be with us from now on for a tighter skin and a healthier look, which I can see in your eyes.said.

In his speech, Fakir Hausgeräte Marketing and E-Commerce Director Zümrüt Tamer stated that they are very excited about iYO as the Fakir Hausgeräte family in our transformation journey that we embarked on by saying “Our Focus is You”; “I would like to thank Dear Nur first and then each of you individually for being here with such a beautiful looking group of guests ready to discover the best version of themselves. He has contributed so much to our brand since the first day that I think it is a chance for us that he always stands by us with all he has done for iYO and with all his goodness inside and out. As people who live with their awareness and are on a healthy aging journey, we have to take care of ourselves. For this very reason, we wanted iYO to be a brand in the center of goodness, for the best of you, and we worked believing that. That’s exactly why iYO, with its technology that cares about your well-being from the inside out; We always offer it to those who want to feel wonderful in every way. I believe that iYO will be great for those who want to discover the best version of themselves on their life journey”said.

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