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Located in the impressive atmosphere of the historical peninsula, Four Seasons Sultanahmet continues to bring its guests together with a rich gastronomic program featuring local delicacies. Attracting attention with its fascinating atmosphere and historical texture, the hotel this time brings its guests together with the most popular flavors of Malatya, prepared with the contributions of Historical Hacı Baba Et Lokantası.

This flavor festival, which will be held on June 14-18, presents the unique local flavors of Malatya with a special lunch and dinner menu prepared with the contributions of the hotel’s talented Chef Özgür Üstün, Historical Hacı Baba Steakhouse Chef Mehmet Zeki Saygı and his team.

The experience will start with delicious starters such as ear soup with Aya meatballs, cherry leaves, boiled meatballs with butter, Nurdagi salad, and will continue with mixed oven dishes from the Malatya table. Paper kebab, Geleli kebab, eggplant pan or lamb ribs cooked in a wood oven, served with malatya-style bulgur pilaf with kakardak in the oven, will leave a mark on the palate. In this special menu, apricot dessert with walnuts and cream and Malatya cookies prepared from apricot kernel flour will provide a magnificent finish.

The gastronomic experience, which started with Hatay, one of the cities with popular tastes of our country, and continues with Malatya, will continue to bring the most popular brands of local flavors to its guests with the Culinary Arts Center in September, Bay Nihat, Köfteci Osman in October and Çemens Kitchen in November.

For reservation and detailed information: 0212 402 31 00

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