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Yes, this is debatable… But for many of us, Harry Styles deserves to be in a museum! It’s hardly surprising that Harry Styles, especially a masterpiece in the eyes of his fans, is celebrated and exaggerated. David Hockney, one of the most admired pop-art artists of recent times, thinks like us. David Hockney’s work, which painted a portrait of Styles, will soon be exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Hockney’s exhibition “Pictures from Life”, which will open in November, is the second adaptation of this series. While the first one was exhibited at the beginning of 2020, the exhibition had to be closed midway after the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic. Saying that he has been a fan of Hockney for a long time, Styles had previously mentioned his Hockney-inspired clothing choices. Producer Clive Davis, who recommended Harry Styles to Hockney while drawing his self-portrait, made Styles fans’ dreams come true!

“Clive told me about Harry’s new album and JP (Hockney’s studio assistant) sent Harry a note inviting him to my studio so I could paint his portrait,” Hockney said.

Saying that he did not know Styles before that day, Hockney said that they met in May 2022. Wearing an orange and yellow striped cardigan in his portrait drawing, Harry Styles was drawn with his signature pearl necklace and jeans. “Now I know that Harry is a star and I’ve watched all his music videos,” said Hockney, adding that he was very pleased with this accidental meeting.

As you might expect from a Hockney fan, Styles underlined that he is just as excited and happy as the artist. “David Hockney has been changing the way we view the world for years,” said Styles. “It was an incredible privilege to be drawn by him.”

Although the exhibition will feature portraits of celebrities such as Styles and Davis, Hockney, who is now 86 years old, often prefers to paint family members and people from his close circle.

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