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This movie is about the journey of 7 people who spend their days making art, spending time with their families, and going to work or school. Each individual is adept at working with Apple’s accessibility features, which allows them to break through barriers and act independently and with confidence.

Some of the features you see in the movie: Detection Mode allows blind or low vision users to navigate around doors, objects and people. Voice Recognition alerts deaf or hard of hearing people to a series of sounds, such as a baby cry or a doorbell. Voice Control introduces new ways to operate Apple devices with voice only. AssistiveTouch opens up more possibilities for those with upper body limb differences to interact with technology.

Music of the movie

The track “I am the Greatest” uses words derived from the speeches of Muhammad Ali, the symbol of empowerment and free will.

Based on a recital of Muhammad Ali’s iconic lyrics, produced by Spinifex Gum and performed by the all-female Australian music ensemble Marliya Choir, the soundtrack, with improvisations by Julliard-trained jazz pianist Matthew Whitaker, describes himself as the “inventor of disabled disco”. It also includes the musical contributions of the cast to the production of Cola Boyy.

What do those who use the accessibility features of Apple products in Turkey say?

YTU Art and Design Faculty, Music and Performing Arts Department Prof.Dr. Koray Sazlı said, “The device that came into my life with the iPhone 5 given by my brother during the pandemic process became an indispensable part of my life while I was doing my online lessons at that time. While I was reading the written assignments I received, it both accelerated my life and made it easier for me to read because different language options were available. I started to do my personal work (banking transactions, etc.) easily by myself thanks to Apple products. This opportunity is not to make life easier, but to make life accessible to the visually impaired person. Because all similar operations can be done easily by many people. The Braille keyboard feature is also A revolutionary feature found in the iPhone. Apple products make everyday life highly technologically accessible. While there is a long way to go and much more to be accomplished, the company’s commitment to accessibility has won great appreciation from all visually impaired people. It’s important to remember: “From a sea Making a wave is easy. The hardest part is to make a sea out of a wave.” says.

Paralympic National Tennis Player, Büşra Ün said, “Apple Watch is not just about improving my performance with the analyzes it makes on the court. It informs my immediate surroundings by sharing my position so that I can ride a chair when I am too inactive, and also in cases of accidents such as falling out of a chair. Not only in sports, but also in daily life. I also have a regular helper in life.” says.

Paralympic National Swimmer, Muhammed Ali Aydın, “My process of getting used to running prostheses continues rapidly. Apple Watch Ultra accompanies me as I start running training in this process. It includes many new training features. And the feature that works for me the most is the one-handed Apple Watch. “Besides, the large screen and the high brightness make it easy to use in all conditions. I can’t wait to experience how Apple Watch Ultra will benefit me in swimming and cycling workouts.” says.

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