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Nata Lisboa, which was opened for the first time in Portugal and became famous all over the world by becoming the iconic brand of the country, opened its doors in Istanbul a short time ago. Welcoming its guests in Galata, its first branch in Turkey, Nata Lisboa managed to get full marks from its guests by reflecting the original texture and flavors of the place.

The concept venue, which was opened in Istanbul after England, Abu Dhabi, Austria, England and Spain, features not only Portuguese Pastel de Natas, but also 6 different Portuguese desserts, empadas, soups and sourdough mustik breads. Even the fact that it is brought from Portugal untouched.

In the magical atmosphere of the Galata tower, you will open the doors of a different experience with its unique menus, teas and coffees from Portugal at any time of the day. The decor and colors unique to Portugal make you feel like you are in Portugal while eating Nata, while the place offers a completely different experience with its unique design.

Among the outstanding flavors of the open-to-exploration menu of the place; Delicious salads, Lisbon style sandwiches, salty Portuguese snacks and most importantly Pastel de Nata, produced in Portugal with its original formula and only cooked here, take the lead. For a delicious Portuguese Cuisine experience, make your way to Galata.

Address: Şahkulu, Büyük Hendek Cd. No: 20/A, Beyoglu

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