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Collagen Vital Minceur & Detox, which draws attention with its high collagen content, offers a new formula for slimming. Collagen Vital Minceur & Detox brings together appetite suppression and a feeling of fullness to rebalance the metabolism. By reducing cellulite, it affects the remodeling and quality of the skin. At the same time, while doing all the effects, it provides energy to the body. Collagen Vital Minceur & Detox supports healthy eating with its fat-burning, edema-reducing, appetite-reducing, firming and cellulite-removal effects. Its high collagen content also provides a feeling of satiety throughout the day.

Collagen Vital Minceur & Detox protects your body and helps you rebalance, thanks to its nutri-diatic feature. The marine collagen contained in the product contributes to the feeling of satiety and regulating the appetite and supports weight loss. With their balancing properties, biopeptides facilitate the condensation of dermal tissue to reduce deep scars, stretch marks and cellulite on the skin.

Collagen Vital Minceur & Detox draws attention with its 5 active ingredients and a natural slimming formula. Garcinia Combagia, with its content, burns fat, provides a feeling of satiety, while limiting the storage of fats in tissues. Thanks to the edema-reducing effect of cherry stem, it helps weight loss, fights against water retention in the body and facilitates the removal of toxins. With the dandelion plant content, it provides the ability to detoxify organs and improve liver, urinary and bile functions; It detoxifies the liver with choline and limits the accumulation of cholesterol. It destroys fats and prevents their storage, offering health and beauty together. Antioxidant with blackcurrant fights cell aging and reduces inflammation.

Collagen Vital, which you will rediscover your health with its anti-aging and regenerative content, clean content, special formulas of French technology, environmental sensitivity, high collagen dose, pure, preservative, free of additives, containing 100% pure fish collagen obtained only from the skins of OMG-rich fish. It offers many different features together.

You can find Collagen Vital products on the website www.vitaldermo.com and in selected pharmacies.

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