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Baksı Museum is hosting artist Vuslat’s first solo exhibition “Emanet” within the museum, curated by Chus Martinez, between 13 June and 30 November. Vuslat invites you to explore the manifestations of the concept of “trust”, which expresses the value of trust, devotion, deep loyalty and protection, around the works (text, sculpture, drawing, sound, installation) he has prepared for this new solo exhibition in the lands where he has returned to his roots.

The main subject of the exhibition, which is shaped around Vuslat’s sculpture and drawing works, is based on the dynamic forces conveyed by a material and certain forms, rather than the phenomenon of form. The artist, who always activates different energies in his works, works and space through this exhibition; works and people; It aims to create a flow, relationship and bond between works and the narratives that affect them.

The location of the Baksı Museum in Bayburt, with its natural features -topography, river, plants, traces of history and traditions- enters the mind of the artist and directs his works. The work located in the center of the exhibition space is “The Umbilical Cord of Life”; arises from the flow of the river, from the water as a carrier of life; the patterns are fed by the energy of the wind in the region; Artifacts created from oxtail plants placed on pedestals made of local stones of the region are based on the phenomenon of healing; The origin of clay sculptures is based on soil. The artist creates an impressive method that brings all the works together in a binding and fascinating way, which allows us to perceive them as a single whole.

You can visit the exhibition until 30 November, which provides an inspiring opportunity to explore our relationship with ourselves and our world.

“The concept of trust turns into an almost magical power in Vuslat’s exhibition and philosophy. For him, ‘trust’, beyond describing the feeling of trust, is an inspiration for a more advanced lifestyle; an attractive idea that reflects a new system of thought. In pursuit of this idea, Vuslat connects with past generations, the land and traditions with a sincere effort. Opening our senses by listening to other people’s past and present experiences; opposing greed and indifference, and finally calling us to a culture that inspires joy and compassion in us…” Chus Martinez

“It is very possible for all of us to claim the trust of a powerful person. However, we often ignore the care of someone we can ignore, sometimes a tiny sparrow.

Well, what is it that life has entrusted to you and you have ignored this relic, and you realize whether you are protecting it enough?

I invite you to ask yourself this question.”


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