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He likes to be on the long road. He also says about the traffic in the city, “it is now part of our lives”. We already know him from his YouTube and social media posts.

But they say you know someone in the best way. We met with Influencer/food critic/author İdil Yazar on an unforgettable journey, the stylish and stylish (and of course comfortable) Citroën C3 ELLE, the result of collaboration with “LIMITED EDITION”, ELLE magazine.

It turns out that she not only loves delicious recipes, but also loves being on the road. In fact, we already know that he travels a lot, but is he as meticulous and careful as in every job he signs in a car? What matters the most and how does it proceed. We asked İdil Yazar about all of them. As far as I understand from the answers, he is the ideal travel companion who is good, fun and has healthy snacks on the side.

What is the first thing you notice about a car? If you are going to buy, what are the must-haves, what are the pluses?

The first thing that caught my attention is the design. Good driving performance, comfortable seats, and a nature-friendly approach are essential for me. A nice color, large mirrors, large luggage space and a good music system would also be great pluses for me.

Are the color and design of the car, interior and exterior details also important to you?

Yes very! It is important for me to drive a car whose design I like and feel good in.

Do you like driving cars in general? What is your solution to avoid stress when traffic jams?

I love driving cars. Traffic in the city is a part of our life. Accepting it, adjusting the time according to the traffic, having podcasts and books to listen to makes me feel comfortable. If I have a son or loved ones in the car, I focus on the conversation. I always have snacks and water in the car.

Driving in the city or being on the long haul?

I like being on long distances more. In fact, one of my favorite things in life is to be on the long haul. The most amazing holiday in my opinion. Roadtrips seem very meditative to me. It’s like turning on my favorite music or podcasts and driving long distances, taking a break from life. And especially if I’m on a beautiful road. It’s like the Dalaman – Kaş line in Turkey. France and America are also great for this.

What do you do when preparing for a long trip? What do you take with you, what do you wear? Do you have a long haul style?

Comfort is always very important to me, even more so on the long road. One or two suits or overalls in which I am comfortable seem ideal for the long journey. If it is summer, I will definitely have a swimsuit and a loincloth that I can easily access in the car. I do not miss the surprise beaches that I come across on the way. I always have coffee, water and cold tea with me. Snacks that give energy and keep you full, such as dates, bananas, walnuts, are also not missing, they add pleasure to my enjoyment.

What can you say about your Citroen C3 ELLE experience? What were your favorite features?

I found the Citroen C3 ELLE elegant and feminine. At the same time, it is a comfortable and eye-pleasing car suitable for the fast dynamics of the city. I can say that it is a timeless model suitable for today’s fast conditions.

Citroën continues its adventure with ELLE with the new C3 ELLE limited special series. This special version of the Citroen C3 ELLE that accompanied you in the shoot refers to the first issue of ELLE Magazine, published on 21 November 1945. You have also noticed; It has the signature “Since 1945 and Forever” in white letters on a black stripe. Do you like French culture, lifestyle and fashion point of view, have you seen their traces in this vehicle?

I found the Citroen C3 ELLE to be timeless, in this respect, it overlapped with the French culture. It also has a natural elegance and coolness. I really like that it has ELLE written on it.

Personalization is an important key to our style. Citroën C3 ELLE also has many personalized features both outside and inside. What caught your attention?

I really liked the articles. I also really liked the details on the upholstery.

If you were to go by car instead of plane, where would you like to go first and with whom?

With my son Ali, I would never say no to a pleasant car trip along the Mediterranean coast, such as Provence.

Do you plan when you go on a long-distance car trip, that is, do you choose the route, know where to stop, or act spontaneously?

I plan with the main lines, but I am also very open to surprises on the way. I am very planned in the city and in my working life, going with the flow during the holidays is something I have just learned and I really like. It is very enjoyable to set out and find a place to stay for the evening at the last minute, and stay as long as I want where I want. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I love roadtrips so much.

Do you listen to the radio while driving, or do you listen to a particular album?

I usually listen to playlists I’ve saved on Spotify. I also like to listen to podcasts and books. From time to time, I open a song and leave the rest to Spotify. I love the ‘Let this song be mine, the next one for you’ game, especially on long car trips!

What is the most important comfort criterion in a car for you, or is comfort or design priority?

My motto in my professional life is, in fact, valid in all areas of my life: the quality of the content is my priority, but how it is served is just as important. Therefore, of course, I care about design, my first attention is on design, but when evaluating these two criteria, my priority is always comfort!

Where would you like to go this summer?

I love to travel and explore different places whenever I have time. Of course, the place of summer holidays is different and I plan these holidays in advance. My travels for this summer are already clear: Çeşme, Greek Islands, Puglia and Los Angeles. I guess there won’t be much time left to go elsewhere.

Which items do you have the most in your wardrobe?

Double suits, overalls, shirt and t-shirt.

What is your indispensable accessory?

There are actually two; One is my ring with the word love on it, and the other is my sun ring, a gift from my mother.

What will you wear most during the summer?

Swimwear and shorts. But this season, I started seeing great pieces in the shop windows. Flying dresses and colorful skirts are already on my radar. A little change is good, why not?


Citroën C3 ELLE “limited edition”, which was born from the collaboration of two elegant and design wonder French brands, Citroën and ELLE Magazine, deserves this description with its many details. Follow the tips to get to know the Citroën C3 ELLE better, closer:

Exterior Design: Special ceiling decor. ELLE sticker on tailgate and C-pillar. Matte blue insert color (fog lamp surround and airbump)

Interior Upholstery: Advanced Comfort seats with beige TEP and Alcantara upholstery. Alcantara trim on the dashboard and matte blue trim surrounding it. New mats. Dark interior door handle

Accessory: Keychain and on-board organizer

Equipment: Heated front seats (Shine +)





Taken from ELLE Türkiye May 2023 issue.

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