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Adopting the principle of supporting different creative voices with limited opportunities, Apple announced the music videos of the young generation HipHop singers shot with iPhone under the title of “I Have a Story to Tell”. The works of HipHop singers, whom Yalçın Birol called from the “You Listen First” platform, in the study initiated to support the emerging HipHop culture in Turkey, with the contributions of Istanbul Technical University Miam Advanced Music Research Center, Turkey’s most experienced music education institution raising creative music people. Recorded with Atmos powered Spatial Sound technology. The 5 new HipHop songs announced in the project will be featured in the Apple Music Browse section and Hip-Hop category page this week.

Young talents later recorded their debut songs at Turkey’s first Spatial Sound and HipHop Workshop with the support of ITU Miam Center for Advanced Music Studies. They had the opportunity to tell their own stories by shooting video clips with iPhone only. Thus, it was shown how simple it can be to professionally tell a story by supporting young names in this process ranging from studio recording of their debut song to shooting video clips with iPhone.

“I Have a Story to Tell” with HipHop

Kars:With hiphop, I can feel that the music belongs to me and I love that it brings out the rebellious child in me.

Mithat Dalgic: Rap music allocates more space to life and street than other music genres. For this reason, it becomes the most suitable type of music for an artist to describe his life or life. Since I grew up listening to rap music from a very young age and I want to express something with my art, it is almost a dead end for me.

Nilhan: To me, hip-hop means sincerity, sincerity and unfiltered. It represents freedom, rebellion and dynamism to me. These words would actually be the words I would use to describe my music and personality. Therefore, this style allows me to express myself well. It allows me to present my story to my audience in the most unfiltered form possible, and to convey my feelings in the purest, sincere and real way.

Palm J : I think of hip-hop as an area where I can release that energy when I feel good or bad. I am a person who is affected by the things I see outside and the experiences in my own life, even though I do not show it to my surroundings, and I prefer to live inside myself. Here, I think that I can transfer my inner knowledge to the outside with Hiphop.

Xentix:Telling my story with hip-hop liberates me more than possible because hip-hop musicians like me and myself often achieve great things from scratch on their own, which motivates me more than usual.

Quotes from Singers and Directors

“Future Me”

Singer: Kars

Director: Lara Bulut

The Future Me shouts out to you in the future, telling that this short time in everyone’s life, many choices depend on it, but because the established order has put so many obstacles in front of him, he is tired of people and it is driving him crazy.

Kars : It was a lot of fun to act in a clip shot with an iPhone and I was quite surprised by the camera features. The Cinematic mode impressed me the most, and I also think that thanks to the Motion mode, it provides very good camera control in incredibly fast scenes without using a gimbal.

Lara Cloud: iPhone’s camera quality, shooting flexibility and user-friendly interface allowed me to get the images I wanted without limiting my creativity. I especially benefited greatly from Cinematic mode. This feature added a cinematic touch to scenes by providing a immersive view. In addition, the mobility and ease of use provided by mobile devices provided flexibility to our shoots. If we had gone traditional, we would need expensive equipment and large productions for such professional shoots and projects. However, with an advanced device like the iPhone, it becomes possible for anyone to produce professional quality content with ease.


Singer: Mithat Dalgic

Director: Cenan Celik

It aims to bring a different breath to drill music by using the zurna, one of the popular instruments of Turkish Music, in its infrastructure. At the same time, “Aley”, which becomes active after a certain period of time, has an infrastructure designed to attract the attention of music listeners from all categories. “Aley”, which is dominated by a dirty vocal use, also attracts attention with its interesting percussions.

Mithat Dalgic: In general, we shoot our clips ourselves with our team. It needs huge equipment and we have to carry them all day. In this clip, we worked with the iPhone 14 Pro. It was a great comfort for such a handy and light device to do such a professional job. We were very impressed by the fact that the iPhone has different lenses. The one we enjoyed the most was the Ultra Wide Angle. The fact that we can directly access the fisheye scenes used in rap clips without any effort has really helped a lot.

Cenan Celik : I have worked with many Rap musicians in my career, mostly because of Rap clips. We deliberately spoiled the image with extra effects during editing, as I thought the “dirty” image would suit my style of rendering better. I was most impressed by the video quality I captured at the wide angle. I think it would be very beneficial for the industry to be able to shoot with an iPhone in professional production. I can record in my pocket at any time. carrying a product is impressive and the natural light performance is beautiful.

“Who Knows” Singer:


Director: Vasso

Bilen Bilir reveals a self-confident and self-confident woman’s attitude by rebelling against a world that increasingly makes it difficult for women to express their feelings and thoughts freely. Bilen Bilir is the story of a self-confident woman who clearly defines her own principles on top of being disappointed and underestimated many times. Nilhan wants to be a fearless voice to women who set their own rules, who are not afraid to take risks, who are aware of their own value and who stand by their values.

Nilhan: I’ve always wanted to try shooting professionally with the iPhone because I was sure it would do a great job. I realized that I didn’t really have a good grasp of the features and capabilities of the device I use every day. That’s why it showed me that the quality of what I can do visually is very high even when I’m alone, it opened a whole new door for me.

Vasso: It is very practical and successful to shoot music videos with iPhone. In my opinion, directors should be open to development and innovations when it comes to professional production with a device like the iPhone, which is why producing professional content with the iPhone should definitely take place in today’s technology. While even the slightest lens change takes a long time in the big sets we set up, it is both fast and high quality to produce something professional with the iPhone. I can say that especially Cinematic mode, ProRes, ProRaw and 4k 60 fps saved my mistake.


Singer: Palm J

Director: Ahmet Ünlüeser

Palm J, the new face of the rap world, draws attention with its first single ‘SHAKING’. With its precise lyrical talents and dynamic sense of rhythm, Palm J aims to impress upon the music scene.”

PalmJ: It was an incredible experience to take part in a clip shot with the iPhone, because if we had filmed with the phone before, I would have doubts and would have been reluctant. But after the clip we shot, I realized that very high quality clips can be taken with the iPhone camera. When we met with our director Ahmet Ünlüeser, we noticed something like this. Instead of carrying a big and heavy setup for shooting, you can put your iPhone in your pocket in a very practical way and you can go to the shooting area and take it out of your pocket and start shooting very easily. The feature that I liked and surprised me the most on the iPhone camera was the Cinematic mode.

ahmi : As a technical feature, the most enjoyable part for me was the stabilization of the camera. It was inspiring to use features such as slow motion very comfortably at any frame rate that would work for me. Most of the time its dynamic range was indistinguishable from the professional cameras we worked with, which gave us a sweet color and editing process. The iPhone is too satisfying for a device we always have. For this, a very serious leap and difference was created. Right now, especially after this clip, I can’t think of the limits of what can be done with these phones.

“Somewhere On My Dusty Shelves”

Singer: Xentix

Director: Xentix

Shining name of the rap world, “Xentix” managed to attract attention with his new work. He succeeded to carry himself to the next segment with his last single work titled “Duzlu On My Shelves Bi Place”. He aims to leave a lasting impression on the rap scene with his unique lyric writing and vocal techniques.

Xentix: It was a different experience and an enjoyable process for me. When I saw what I could do with the iPhone, I became more motivated and actually entered a more productive period. 4K 60 fps shots and slow motion gave results well above my expectations.

Xentix: When I started shooting, I did not think that I could get such a simple and effective result. Normally, we were able to do the projects we did with iPhone much more easily by spending more equipment and time. Being able to shoot professionally with the iPhone, you can save a lot of time thanks to the ability to shoot 4k 60 fps, and you can also do high-level work even if you are alone during the shooting.

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