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9 subtle signs that your partner is not happy

According to one study, 19 percent of people are dissatisfied with their relationships but still do not end their relationship. While it’s impossible to read another person’s mind to be sure if something is wrong, there are certain patterns of behavior that can reveal your partner’s true intentions and indicate that they are no longer satisfied with the relationship.

You may be unwittingly struggling with a confusing and painful relationship. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of subtle signs for your partner that your relationship may be headed in the wrong direction.

1. Your spouse doesn’t include you in their lives as much as they used to

It’s perfectly natural to live a life outside of the relationship and spend time alone. However, if you feel that your partner is getting more distant and constantly asking for space, it may be a sign that they are not happy with the way things are going. For example, your partner might find a new hobby, plan a vacation alone, or hang out with friends without you. If you start to feel like your partner is trying to exclude you as much as possible, it’s probably time to talk.

2. Your partner’s feelings always seem to have changed

If your partner is acting like the love of your life one moment and cold the next, something is probably wrong. Your partner may feel some discomfort and unhappiness and are unable to sort out their feelings, so they may start projecting their confusion on you. Keep in mind that mood swings can be a sign of certain psychological problems such as depression or anxiety disorders, so talk to your partner first to determine the root cause of their behavior.

3. Your partner isn’t showing any physical affection

Some people like to be touched more than others, but if you notice your partner backing off from a hug or kiss or any other display of affection, it’s a sign of alarm. This can be a sign of emotional disconnection and dissatisfaction in the relationship.

4. You fight constantly for no apparent reason

If your partner starts fighting in the past about things too small to notice, it could be a sign of their disappointment in the relationship. Your partner may not know how to express their feelings, so fighting comes up as the only way to show their anger. Some people also don’t want to carry the burden of ending the relationship, so they may subconsciously want to make their partner the initiator of the breakup.

5. You feel your relationship is going nowhere

In a strong relationship, partners are willing to take up hobbies, explore the world, or make plans for the future together. It’s perfectly natural to focus on your own life from time to time, but if you find that neither of you have planned together for very long, it could be a sign that your partner isn’t happy. The relationship should develop so that both parties can build intimacy and trust.

6. Your partner agrees with everything you say

Compromise is key to a happy and healthy relationship, but if your partner responds the same to everything you say, it can be a troubling sign. For example, if your partner was overly defensive of their opinions before and now just lets it go, they probably don’t care much about the relationship anymore. You may also notice a lack of initiative, which means no romantic gestures, private dinners, or conversations about the future.

7. Your partner brings more people into the relationship

A group of friends to hang out with is a great way to add new emotions to your relationship. However, constantly spending time with your friends may indicate that your partner is tired of your relationship. The only way to build a strong emotional connection and have in-depth conversations with your partner is to spend quality time with them and talk to them to resolve any shortcomings.

8. Your spouse is not paying attention to you

Although at the beginning of your relationship, your partner did everything to get to know you better and give you all their time and attention, these strong feelings may fade over time. But that doesn’t mean your partner should pretend you don’t exist. If you find that they forgot to talk about important dates or plans you made together, their heads are probably not in the relationship anymore.

9. Your partner ignores the problems in your relationship

If your partner says everything is normal and you’re just paranoid, but you can feel that they are angry with you, it may be a sign that something is off in your relationship. Your partner may not be ready to talk about their feelings, so it becomes easier for them to pretend everything is okay and not do anything. If you’ve brought up the issue several times and your partner is still not ready for an argument, give them some time and focus on your life instead.

What did you or your spouse do when your relationship was not going well? How did you deal with the problem? You can share it with us in the comments.

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